Thursday, February 11, 2010

Silas (7 months)

Today is Silas' 8 month day!

He is:

*pulling up and climbing on things. He gets on the hearth and scoots from one end to the other and then turns around and does it again and he climbs onto the bottom shelves of the coffee table and end table and plays in there.

*eating 6oz in his bottle 5 times a day and food 3 times. We dropped his late night feeding this week (it was at 10 or 10:30pm) and he did GREAT! Didn't even wake up that first night.

*talking up a storm. He's got dadadada down, but doesn't know what it means yet. At least I don't think he does. He also talk-yells at things when he can't get them. Ex: Yesterday one of his rattles had gotten pushed under the coffee table and he couldn't reach it no matter how hard he tried. He started fussing at it - it was so cute. He was laying on his stomach perpendicular to the coffee table with his chin on the floor looking under it at the rattle and just a fussing. It kinda reminds me of how a squirrel will fuss at you. It made me laugh. That's probable one of those things that you would need to be there for it to be funny. Oh well.

*JUMPING in his Johnny Jumper. He's always liked it, but he used to just kinda bounce and spin in it. Now he JUMPS high and sometimes his little booty hits the ground. He loves it. If he stops jumping and you say, "Silas can you jump-jump?" he will jump as high as he can with a huge grin.

*getting fat. His face is so cute and chubby and his little thighs have some rolls now. I have no idea how much he weighs though.

Climbing on the hearth

Playing at Mamay and Pops' house. I love this face!

Who dat?! Silas is wearing his Drew Brees jersey from his Uncle Benny.

Playing with Pops - he LOVES that red rubber bracelet.

Bath time!