Monday, February 25, 2013

Hello there.

It's been a while.

Things have been and will probably continue to be a little slow around these parts for the next month.

Changes are coming.  I'm hoping to introduce a new Moonpie Designs soon.  Part of that is a complete blog makeover (a real one).  I already got my own domain name and had the blog re-routed to it.  Did you notice? {probably not.} I'm pretty excited.

We have been so busy living life and enjoying each other that I haven't stopped long enough to actually document it.  Part of me regrets that, but another part has really enjoyed not having to worry about keeping up this blog.

In the future there will be a mix of personal and business posts, just like always, but probably more business stuff.

The Moon family has lots of fun coming up this spring and summer.  Evie will be ONE in a couple of weeks, Justin's sister, Holly, is getting married in April (yay!), and Justin and I are going to Romania for a week in June.  More about those things to come.

Thanks for sticking around {if there is anyone still here after 3 months of silence}.

Keep your eye out for some fun changes!

And just because...