Saturday, January 31, 2009


Check this out regarding the CPSIA.

Thanks for all your help - keep it up!

And thanks to Natalie for sharing the news!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Baby Yih-yum"

***Scroll down for more info on the CPSIA. UPDATED***

- so y'all know that I keep sweet Isabella everyday. But Sarah pointed out to me this week that I haven't blogged about the new addition to the Cardoza family, William - or, "Baby Yih-yum" as Micah and Bella call him. He's about 3 months old and is the cutest thing. So now I keep both of them everyday. We've been having a lot of fun, but I must say there are times when I wonder why on earth people have more than one child. It's a lot of work! :)

I snapped a few pics yesterday right before we headed back over to their house. Take a look:
I've been getting that look from Bella A LOT lately. She's definitely stepped up the stubbornness over the past couple of weeks. Ah - all that is a 2 1/2 year old!

Squinty eyed smile

Don't you just want to eat those cheeks! He's adorable and such a great snuggle-er.:)

Look! I can squint my other eye!

*Scroll down to read a post about saving the handmade community and small business like Moonpie Designs.*



Go here
. There's more info about the CPSIA.

If you make and sell handmade baby goods, love someone who does, or enjoy buying unique gifts for your kiddos, please go read about the CPSIA. It's a complete crap piece of legislation that goes into effect on February 10th and will quite effectively shut down Moonpie Designs and thousands of other small businesses like mine.

Read about it here - Caroline does a good job of explaining the basics of a very complex law. She gives several links you can visit to learn more and/or see how others are taking a stand and how you can too.

Though I'm hopeful that eventually there will be plenty of changes made to the clearly-not-well-thought-out original law, I'm still stressed about it. I started Moonpie Designs because I enjoy making things, but also because I wanted to have something I could do at home that might provide a little income once the kiddos start coming. Well, one is well on it's way, so you can see why I might be frustrated.

Just so you know, I just typed all of that with only my right hand. Baby William is snuggled up with the other one. More on that preciousness later - I took some pictures of him yesterday. For those of you who have no idea who I am talking about, check back later today to find out. :)

I'd love to know what you think about this CPSIA thing.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Goodbye 2008

Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and just a general hello!  

I seriously don't really even know where to start there are so many things that need to be blogged and shared that have happened over the past few months.

I guess I'll start with the biggest news - there is a Baby Moon on the way!  I'm nearly 13 weeks pregnant with what the books say is something akin to a medium shrimp in size (Last week it was a lime, which I would think is bigger than a shrimp but apparently I am wrong.).  Funny how something so small can cause so many changes!  Thankfully I haven't been "sick" at all (and by "sick" I mean throwing up) especially for the first 10 weeks.  As long as I ate I was fine.  Weeks 10-12 were plagued with headaches though and nothing really helped except for sleep and if you've ever been pregnant you know how little sleep one can get between having to pee every two hours whether you drink anything or not to just being uncomfortable to not being able to shut off your brain no matter how exhausted you are.  For the most part the headaches are gone now, but have been replaced with an appetite that rivals a teenage boy's.  Seriously - if I don't eat every two hours (almost on the dot) someone is going to get hurt.  I know it's normal, but I just keep thinking that if I continue eating like this I am going to gain 100lbs and never ever look anything like I used to.  Is that vain?  Maybe.  Probably.  But I'd really prefer not to feel like a cow for the rest of my life. :)  I weighed 126lbs at my first doctor's appointment at 5 1/2 weeks and last night I weighed 130 which nearly made be fall over until I remembered that I'm supposed to be gaining weight.  So I guess 4 lbs isn't all that bad.  

We are thrilled about this baby (though also scared senseless at times) and our families are as well.  It was a very good holiday season.

We stayed in Conyers for Christmas this year since we were in Leesville for Thanksgiving.  We took a little trip to Nashville with the Mays to see our favorite singer/songwriter, Andrew Peterson and a slew of other uber talented folk perform his Behold the Lamb of God concert at the Ryman.  That's really a whole nother post though.  Sarah already talked about it all so you can go there to read more.

 For the most part it was a relaxing time with Justin off of work for several days.  Christmas Eve we went to the Moon's and had a traditional Christmas meal and then laid out on the couches and watched tv.  We spent Christmas morning at our house and opened our gifts from each other and my parents.  Justin got me a waffle maker and it has already been put to good use.  I cooked Chicken Deluxe for lunch and took it over to the Moon's where we ate and then exchanged gifts.  Great times.  Our Korean friend, Jang, drove in from North Carolina on Christmas day and came with us to Greensboro for Christmas with Justin's extended family.  He stayed until Monday morning.  We didn't do much after Christmas but lay around and watch the new movies we got :  The Dark Knight, Sleeping Beauty, Enchanted, Juno, The Sandlot, and Sleepless in Seattle.  I had a big order to fill that had to go to Dallas by today so I spent lots of time cutting fabric and sewing.  All in all it was pretty relaxing.  I'm starting to ramble so here are some random pictures:

Our Christmas gift from my DD - quite possibly the best gift EVER!  Love me some La-Z-Boy.

The belly at 11 1/2 weeks and my new pjs from Momma and Daddy.  It's tradition - every year we get new pjs to open on Christmas Eve.  These are the softest pajamas I have ever owned.  I wish I could live in them.  Wait, I pretty much have been.:)
My stocking.

And now I am mad at blogger because when I try to add images from the web it says that they have been added but they haven't.  BOO blogger.  I guess I'll have to add those later.

Hopefully it won't be so long between this post and the next!  Until then friends.