Monday, June 25, 2012

Evie {3 months}

Evie girl turned 3 months old TWO weeks ago.

I'm a slacker.

She didn't have a well-baby check up this month so I don't know how much she weighs.

She is rolling from back to tummy with ease and from tummy to back but she'd rather just scream until someone comes and gets her when she is tired of her tummy instead of rolling over that way.

She has moved to her crib upstairs in her room (she's been in a pack n play in our room) and seems to be quite happy there. :)  She is sleeping from about 8:45/9pm to about 7/8am.

She LOVES her brother.

She has started to giggle if you tickle her just right - but it has to be JUST RIGHT or she just stares at you.

She has become quite a little diva when it comes to poop and she wants it off of her IMMEDIATELY. She poops and then goes nuts screaming and arching her back and wiggling until we change her.  She treats it the same way I treat bugs...GET IT OFF OF ME NOW.

She's still our little happy baby.  Unless she is hurting or pooped she is generally all smiles and happy as a loon.

I took these pictures on her 3 month day so she's grown a little bit since then.

Girl couldn't keep her legs in criss-cross without falling over so we had to add a little modesty patch. ;-)

This one makes me laugh because I took a bunch of pictures as fast as I could (got like 3 decent ones because she wasn't really in the mood) and this was one towards the end.  She just looks like she is over it.

With her Bella :-)

Pops and Silas

Sweet gorgeous girl.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the list continues

Continuing with our grateful list:

135. "I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you, O Lord, make me dwell in safety." Psalm 4:8
136. this week without Justin that has passed surprisingly quickly
137. trips to the zoo with best friends
138. rainy day zoo trips that end up being a blast
139. grace to be flexible :)
140. public restrooms that are clean
141. Charlie's "pet me! pet me!" dance
142. chill time with Morgan
143. Orangutan Ballet soccer
144. celebrating Evie's 2 month day
145. our photographer best friend and that we always have gorgeous pictures of our kiddos
146. meals that I don't have to cook
147. Silas' naked dance
148. Thursday nights with the Mays
149. Mother's Day cards that came in the mail today and the goodies in them
150. my Momma.
151. sleep
152. that Silas calls every maxi dress I wear a "princess dress"
153. sketch pads to fill with doodles
154. a day to celebrate mommas
155. my boys that celebrated me well
156. paper bag puppets
157. rearranging the living room decor (joy comes when it is done and everything has a new home)
158. love notes from Justin
159. phone calls from Silas "You're the best Mommy EVER!"
160. planning a wedding with Holly
161. being tapped on the shoulder while in line at Tava's and turning to find a YoungLife kid waiting to throw her arms around me
162. thoughtful gifts
163. quiet stillness
164. rest
165. for the one time today that Silas learned from and put to practice a previous lesson - asking nicely before snatching my phone (this was a SERIOUS little victory)
166. soaking up 30 minutes of Vitamin D (in last year's swimsuit that still fits another child later!)
167. "conversations" with Evie
168. Cornhole Tournaments with my church family
169. my hands in the dirt - planting flowers
170. celebrating a great year of YoungLife with a pool party
171. friends who delight to give and serve self-lessly
172. Steve Merritt - he came to my rescue today when I was stuck at Wal-Mart with both kids and a cart FULL of groceries and NO WALLET. Such a blessing!
173. the nighttime prayers of my husband for our little family
174. Justin's work ethic and that he is respected at his place of work
175. sore muscles
176. morning sunlight streaming through the window as I make my coffee
177. momma and baby gorillas
178. listeneing to Silas talk to Aunt Holly in the backseat
179. late-night movies with Z and S
180. a party celebrating the end of another great year of ministry with YoungLife
181. conviction
182. America - even though sometimes I'm quite annoyed with our culture, I am so grateful for our freedoms
183. those fought and are still fighting for our freedom
184. D-Daddy
185. time at the pool with Cameron
186. productivity
187. a yard full of friends celebrating our freedom in this nation and our freedom in Christ
188. giant, inflatable slip n slides
189. fried fish
190. several days in a row spent with friends (for us and Silas)
191. watching Silas and William interact
192. Bella's sweet whispers "Mrs. Stephanie, I LOVE Evie."
193. my sweet boy quietly working his puzzles in the morning light
194. watching Silas experience sparklers for the first time
195. baths with Evie
196. the reminder that "common sense" has no place in a life of faith
197. hot summer days spend outside in the sun and water
198. my Never-Failing God
199. belly laughs
200. a night with my best girls being silly and having fun
201. waxed eyebrows
202. perfectly sunshiney lake days
203. Evie sleeping through the night and being such an "easy" baby
204. new, growing friendships
205. Christ Community Church
206. the cool of the morning - Bible in hand and birds chirping noisily (but sweetly!) all around
207. my backyard squirrels barking at a cat about to hop my fence
208. watching Silas and Pops
209. a super fun Swap Party and fellowship with the girls
210. visits with Mamay and Pops

Memorial Day 2012

 We spent Memorial Day in our backyard with 44 of our friends and kiddos.

We rented a giant inflatable slip n slide and kids and adults alike had a blast on it all day. Amazingly, no one was hurt all day (the next day might be another story though...I for one was pretty sore).

Justin and I fried fish and chicken for everyone's dinner and it was yumm-o.

It seriously was a fabulous day with our favorite people.

The whole group minus a couple of people that left early.  Love these people!