Thursday, June 23, 2011

The latest Moonpie Designs

I just realized that it has been a realllllly long time since I put any of the latest MpD creations up for y'all to see.

My bad.

It's not because I haven't been busy - it's actually been pretty steady since about November (which is GREAT!).

I just crank out the orders and forget to take pictures.

Really. I am TERRIBLE!

I've done several block orders lately and haven't taken a picture of a single one of them. :(

But I did finish a few orders this week and I remembered!

{insert applause}

This is a new item - sunglasses cases. :) A friend needed some for her bridesmaids and asked if I could do it. I could. ;) AND she wanted yellow and grey which just happen to be my faves right now. What do you think? They are double lined with fleece for extra protection. $15 with an initial.

More mini-wallets. :) My sweet DD (grandmother) loves to show off her mini (which is a couple of years old now) and last week she got me three orders while she was at the eye doctor. Now THAT'S a good grandma! ;) She also ordered a new one for herself. They are $10 with an initial, symbol, or ruffle.

That's all folks!

I don't keep stuff stocked in my etsy shop because it just wasn't proving to be worth the time and effort. Word of mouth seems to work best for me and facebook has proved to be extremely helpful in spreading the word. My clients (that just sounds weird) post pictures (that I can't seem to figure out how to put on here since FB changed their picture viewer) and then their
friends see it and friend me and so on and so forth. It's all workin' out!

I'm rambling.

All of that to say that if you are interested in any Moonpie Designs products or want to know if I can make something for you, just shoot me an email or friend me on FB and let's talk. :) I'm Stephanie Dowden Moon - moonpie(dot)designs@yahoo(dot)com.
OK, so about 1.5 seconds after I originally published this post my friend Zach taught me how to save pictures from FB. So now I can share some blocks!

I did these for a friend from highschool and she posted them on FB and I got two orders from her friends in a week (one is for 4 sets!!). Thanks Hillary for being a fan and sharing with your friends!

Embrace the Camera 6/23 (playing catch-up)

We're Embracing the Camera again with Emily!

I grabbed the camera a lot over the past couple of weeks and now I have a crazy amount of pictures of me and Silas with our faces smashed together. :)

Using Momma as a jungle gym - his new favorite activity

A couple of weeks ago we went to the zoo for a members only night. The Mays came with us and we were both able to get a good family picture. :) Silas decided to show his fat face. ;)

Squeeeeeeze again and throw in a pickle for good measure. ;)

I won't tell you how many times it took to actually capture a kiss. My camera is not the easiest to hold up with one hand and with Silas' attention span being that of an ant, we got lots of outtakes from this one. :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Swim Lessons & One Thousand Gifts

We spent the entire last week in the pool. Silas had swim lessons in the mornings and then a couple afternoons we went to a friends pool. It was a blast! I so enjoyed watching him LEARN and then get more and more brave. Now he will get things off of the bottom of the pool and he can kick and swim to the side and hold on to the wall. He is also getting better at floating on his back. It's so fun to just watch him play. His imagination is taking off and he has little conversations with his toys. I love to watch him figure things out - he just works and works at it until he gets it. :)

Swimming to Miss Jocelyn - one of his coaches
jumping off the diving board - which he wasn't thrilled about but didn't cry and actually did really well. :)
bracing for impact ;)
swimming to the side after jumping in
choo-chooing on the wall - one of the things they teach the kids is how to swim to the wall and hold on to the side and "choo-choo" to a ladder or steps so they can get out if they ever fall in the pool alone. They also work hard at teaching them how to float on their backs.

Continuing my list:

122. fresh veggies on the stove
123. new friends over for dinner
124. decadent chocolate cake with poured chocolate icing
125. how I can SEE the temperature difference when I pour hot, freshly made, sweet tea over ice - I can get lost in the swirls
126. new swimsuits
127. the smell of a freshly mown lawn
128. my Champion God
129. our home
130. that just a hint of sunlight turns Silas' skin tan - and his little white booty :)
131. treasure hunting with my bestie
132. watching Silas discover new things
133. Little Man's developing imagination
134. a God who can be trusted to be as good as He says He is
135. words of encouragement
136. how dreams refuse to die
137. new pictures of my sweet Sarah and Nusula
138. that I am not in control

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Canaans pictures

These pictures go with a previous post. Scroll down or click here to read it.

With Nusula outside her school - Canaan CTC Primary School

With Sarah before the performance

Sarah singing :)

Marvin dancing and singing. Such a cutie patootie!

Washing feet and giving out new shoes

Sweet Surika

Sarah with her new stuffed animal tiger.:)

The Baby Dorm with their animals

Surika - is that not the best smile??!

The big kids with their markers and deodorant :)

Sarah and her mirror. This girl is cRaZy! Love her!

The teenage girls with all of their goodies. :)

Saying goodbye. Our last picture. :(

Uganda - Canaan Children's Home Part 2

"It felt like going home."

That's what I said when my friend Gina asked me about my trip to Uganda.

And it did.

I hadn't thought about saying that - it just tumbled out of my mouth but as soon as it did my heart reacted.

Because it was the truth.

Uganda feels like home to me.

And oh how I miss it.

I don't miss it in a "oh that was great and it be cool to go back someday" sort of way but rather in a "I cannot stop thinking about Uganda and her children and my Sarah and Nusula and I cannot rest until I get back there" sort of way.

It's killing me that I don't know WHEN that will be exactly, and I am struggling hard to trust that God has all of the details worked out already and I needn't worry.

If you think about it, pray for me and my heart and my faith.


So we spent the first 2ish days at Canaan Childrens Home and then went to Kampala for two days and then went back to Canaans for another two days before returning to the city.

I've already written about the first two days here.

When we left for Kampala in the middle of the week, I was sad. I had already fallen in love with Sarah and Canaans and just wanted to stay there. When we woke up our first morning in Kampala my whole room was sad and not really ready to meet a bunch of new kids. I even remember telling the girls that "I just want to go home to Canaans" and they agreed. Of course we ended up loving Return Uganda and Pastor Samuel and all of the kiddos there (which is another post that's coming) but we were VERY excited to get to go back "home."

When we pulled up to Canaans the bus was swarmed again but this time we were looking for our specific kids and it was the best welcome home ever!

We got there in the late afternoon and just played and loved on the kids. That night after dinner we led the kids in some crazy praise songs and then they stayed up and worshipped with us in English. It was a very special night. Sarah and Nusula fell asleep on me and I got to tuck them into bed and pray over them - like a Momma does.

The next day we spent the morning with Amazima (another post) and then the afternoon back at Canaans. The kids performed songs and skits for us (each dorm) and I'm telling you, you would have thought our own children were up on that stage. We were whooping and hollering and trying to get the best seat for pictures. It was wonderful! I was one proud Momma. ;) I kept thinking that THIS is what it's going to feel like when I watch Silas perform one day. Exactly like this.

After the performances, we had a surprise for them. One of our teammates had purchased new school shoes for all of the kids and we got to call them each by name, take off their dirty, old, too small shoes and wash their feet and put on their new shoes. It was a very special time. The kids were thrilled and so proud of their shoes! They were also able to have their fingernails painted and were given sillybandz. :)

Later that night after everyone was in the dorms preparing for bed, we took each dorm some goodies. The baby dorm got stuffed animals and this was special to me because they sleep with nothing but a scratchy blanket (no pillow) and I sleep with my teddy bear and I know how comforting it can be to have my teddy bear to hug (yes, I'm 27 and still sleep with a stuffed animal - proudly! :P). For some reason it made me feel better knowing that Sarah had a little lion to snuggle with at night.

The bigger kids got markers and other goodies and the teenagers got deodorant, mirrors, markers, and everyone got new clothes. There was great rejoicing at Canaans that night. :)

Our team spent the late hours of the night writing letters to our kids and trying to prepare our hearts for the "goodbye" that was coming the next day.

I was not ready.

The next day was Sunday and we spent the morning with Amazima and then came back and had about 30-45 minutes to load our luggage and say goodbye. This was not a happy time - for us or the kids. There were lots and lots of tears and hugs and snuggles and even though we were all out in the courtyard, it was very quiet as everyone whispered sweet prayers and goodbyes to each other and snapped a few last pictures.

I sat on the ground with Sarah and Nusula and just held them.

And then we hugged and kissed one last time and the team got on the bus.

We waved goodbye and Nusula held Sarah and walked beside my window and held my hand until we got out of the gate.

And then I lost it.

I don't think any of us spoke for at least 30 minutes.

It was rough and I was a wreck.

But hard goodbyes and being heartbroken just means that you loved BIG and I'm so grateful for the time I got to spend there.

And I am longing with all of my heart for the day that I get to return to Uganda.


Here's a couple of videos. They are raw and unedited and I am a terrible ??videographer?? and you'll have to ignore my annoying voice. (Anyone else HATE to hear themselves talk on a video?) So yeah. Hopefully more videos to come. And pictures too - because for some reason blogger isn't letting me put pictures and video in this post.

So I just published the post and tried the videos and the one on the left is turned the wrong way and I don't know how to fix it or how to delete it from the post. Hopefully blogger is just being funky right now and I can fix it later. Until then, just watch the one on the right.:) Ugh.

A Visiting Orphans team was at Canaans this week and one of my teammate's husband was on the trip and he took little packages to Sarah and Nusula for me and he took pictures of them. I can't wait to see them all!