Monday, May 23, 2011

One Thousand Gifts 5/23

OK - I promise that I am going to finish my posts about Uganda.

I really am.

But not today. :P

It is entirely too pretty outside to spend the day behind the computer and I think Silas and I might sneak off to a friend's pool for the day. :)

I can't believe he is almost 2.

And that reminds me that I should probably do a post about him sometime soon too so the fam will stop bugging me about it. :)

Continuing my list of gratitudes...

103. hugs when I am lifted off of the ground :)
104. waking to find five squirrels, two chipmunks, countless birds, and a rabbit right outside the back door
105. washing cars in the sunshine with my boys
106. sweet cheek kisses saying "hello" or "goodbye" to friends
107. date nights
108. the story of Mephibosheth and that I, too, and a child of the King
109. that He cannot be put in a box or on a schedule
110. little gifts from Justin
111. clean sheets
112. laughing until my sides hurt
113. music that speaks the truth
114. Silas saying "Momma" (finally!)
115. sunshine on my skin
116. unexpected gifts from sweet friends
117. cold pillows in the summertime
118. freshly vacuumed carpet
119. when people really listen
120. forgiveness - the gift to give and to receive
121. that our God is greater, stronger, and higher

Monday, May 16, 2011

One Thousand Gifts - 5/16

He heard my cry and He came to my rescue.

And yet not for MY sake, but for His own glory.

I (as usual, but more so) was in desperate need if Him to show up this past week.

An opportunity had presented itself for me to be a part of something big, and I was humbled and honored to be asked to participate, but I was tripped up over the fact that I really didn't know what on earth I would have to offer.

So I did what I do and I laid bare my soul before Him and prayed that He would be made strong in my weakness and I claimed James 1:5 and asked for wisdom.

And then I woke up in the wee hours and drove to Nashville for this meeting filled with hope and anticipation.

And you know what?

He showed up.

{insert "of course He did" here}

My presence at this gathering could have been a big waste of time and money for the people who asked me to come.


But He gave me wisdom and creativity and something to offer and I became invisible and He became greater and it was ALL His doing.

And my joy and gratefulness was {is} palpable.

*When the time is right I will share more about this meeting. Until then, please pray for continued wisdom for those of us that are part of it and that above all our Lord will be magnified.*

86. inspiration
87. answered prayers - when God shows up
88. being part of something bigger than me
89. good music on long drives
90. mountains
91. thrift-store finds
92. the scent of a little boy sweaty from a long day of play
93. hard, trying things that make me run to Him
94. that this place is NOT my home
95. *********** loving on the orphan heart (will share more later)
96. DIY mani-pedis
97. when Silas grabs my head and pulls me in for a kiss
98. dancing in the kitchen with My Love
99. imagination and creativity
100. when I wear a long dress and Silas runs up and hides underneath it - thankfully this hasn't happened in public ;)
101. tin-foil potatoes on the grill
102. that He is a father to the fatherless

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Embrace the Camera 5/12

Silas and I spent the last two weeks in Louisiana at my parent's house because 1) I had not seen them since Christmas and that was the longest we have ever gone without seeing each other and 2) Justin had back to back business trips.

While we were there we went to Lafayette to the Festival International de Louisiane with my mom and Doug's girlfriend, Rachael. It was a very fun day with yummy food and craft vendors, many of whom were from Africa. I spent a lot of time just chatting it up with them. :)

These are all from Festival.

My little man LOVES to be outside and around (and by around I mean "in") water so we spent a great deal of time in the lake and fishing from the dock.

Love his crazy hair. ;)

And here's the required Mother's Day picture. We forgot to take one and waited until the very end of the day so both of us were t.i.r.e.d.
I love you sweet little man!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

52. searching for and finding petrified wood in the lake
53. the lake :)
54. five acres of entertainment for an outdoor-loving little boy
55. hummingbirds
56. scripture that squashes fear
57. visits with friends from long ago
58. healthy twin baby boys born to a dear friend
59. a God worthy of praise - even in storms
60. peace that passes understanding
61. taking every thought captive
62. Silas's new words - "Hi Fifi" and "welcome" (you're welcome)
63. His still, small voice
64. stillness
65. the lopsided frolick of young puppy dogs
66. 4-wheeler rides with Silas
67. catching white perch with the rod in one hand and my little man in the other
68. shopping trips with DD
69. knowing what I believe
70. jalapeno potato chips
71. a husband who shares my thoughts even when we are MILES apart
72. His unfailing love
73. the sweet, earthy smell of rain
74. His power made perfect in my weakness
75. watching Silas and Emma-Claire interact
76. afternoons spent with life-long friends
77. words of affirmation
78. feminine sanitary supplies
79. turtles sunning on a log
80. airport reunions
81. shopping for flowers
84. footrubs with lavender lotion
85. the empty tomb and death conquered