Sunday, November 13, 2011

More Silas-isms :)

*Silas has a flashcard app on mine and Justin's phones that he has been playing with since March.  He now knows how to unlock my phone and go to the app (or any other app he wants for that matter) all by himself. The flashcards are divided into categories, and one of them is Mommy's Things and one of the cards is "lipstick." For months every time he got to the lipstick card he would say "Mommy stick."  Tonight for the first time he said "lipstick" instead. :(

*I think I have written about his before, but every night when Silas goes up to bed, he stops at the top of the stair railing (before it turns into a wall) and asks me to come "tiss" him.  It is my favorite part of the whole day.  Lately he has been asking for Mommy and Daddy to kiss through the railing too and then after we do he squeezes in between us for a "Silas Sandwich" where we kiss his cheeks and say MMMMMMMMMWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH really loudly.  If we don't say it loud enough he makes us do it again. :)  Oh - and the other night his Aunt Holly came to visit and after he kissed Mommy and Mommy kissed Daddy, Silas wanted to kiss Holly and then he said, "OTay - Daddy tiss Wallee" (Justin's sister).  It was hilarious and Justin told him that Daddy only kisses Mommy. ;)

These pictures have nothing to do with any of the above cuteness, but they're pretty cute in and of themselves. They are also in no particular order.

Halloween with Daddy - learning to punch

We made salt dough hand a footprints the other day and he had a blast playing with the leftover dough. (We'll be making those again with regular white all purpose flour.  All I had on hand was Whole Grain flour and it had a little too much texture.)

 My back was acting up all of Halloween weekend so I missed out on some fun festivities, but I got to squeeze in some love from the boy before they headed out to join in the fun.

One day he found a ponytail holder and asked me to put it in his hair.  I fixed it like this and put his cape on him and told him he was Super Silas.  He spent the rest of the day throwing himself off of the couch. His hair has since been cut. 

Wearing Mommy's boots. :)

Oh my goodness.  I walked into the living room and found him sitting like this.  What you can't see in this particular picture is that his Daddy is sitting just like him and they are both eating popsicles.  Boys will be boys. And yes, he is wearing underwear over his diaper.