Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yo Diggity

*I have no idea how the whole first half of this text became a link. Sorry. But if you want to see and HUGE version of Justin on the ladder, just click it. :)*

So it's been a while. But that's because there has been lots going on around here. There was a trip to Louisiana via airplane (that was delayed 3.5 hours), a road trip to Houston, San Antonio, and Fort Worth, and then a roadtrip back to GA. I had a baby shower in Leesville (lots of fun - pictures soon) and now my parents are here in GA for this whole week because I have a shower here on Saturday. YAY! We've been working on the house and yard all week (well, Mom and I have been keeping kiddos and Dad has been working on the house). It's looking great and I'm so very very happy. I finally decided on crib bedding and a paint color so we will hopefully finish painting the nursery tomorrow and I can share pictures of that. :) I told you there was a lot going on.

I had an ultrasound and my glucose test this morning. I managed to not throw up the lemony limey sickly sweetness that is the glucose you have to drink. Yuck. Pictures to come of Baby Moon but I have to scan them first. I had only gained 3 lbs in 3 weeks and that was with a very full bladder so I was happy. :)

This was an accidental picture - but it's sweet.

Mom and Dad

My handsome handyman - working on the gutters and also fixing the crap job that the wildlife people did in sealing up the house. $600 down the drain.

We had this pretty little tree in the front year but since we didn't live here last spring we had no idea what it was. When we returned from our 10 day trip to LA/TX it had bloomed and it is a pink dogwood. Very pretty.

William is sitting up by himself now. He's so proud and cute. That's his "little old man" grin.

There's lots more to tell about the trips and the baby, but I'll wait until I have picture to go with it.