Monday, June 30, 2008

Good grief.

When I sat down 30 minutes ago to write a post I had no idea of the events that were about to transpire in my kitchen. I was going to post the 2nd set of pictures from our Beach Trip, but now I have to tell you why my precious husband is scooping a sour creamy chickeny mess out of the drawer under our oven. I decided to get creative for dinner tonight - which usually means I throw caution and recipes to the wind and toss a bunch of whatever we happen to have on hand in a casserole dish. Tonight we happened to have chicken, black beans, Rotel (diced tomatoes and peppers), sour cream, cream cheese, corn, and flour tortillas. I lined the casserole dish with torn up tortillas, mixed everything else together (with some spices) and dumped it on top. All of that went smoothly and as planned. For maybe the first time in my life I actually preheated the oven -- to about 450 (not because it needed to be that hot - just because I am impatient and think that turning the temp up will get me fed faster). I'm still not sure exactly what happened next. I know that I opened the oven door and I think immediately after I opened it I reached for the casserole with both hands. I know I opened the door all the way - but for some reason it closed on my left forearm as I was leaning down to put the casserole in the oven. Since I had actually preheated it to a bajillion degrees it burned my arm and I dropped the casserole so I could get the door off of me. Of course, the casserole turned upside down and spilled all in the crack between the oven door and the oven. Since I was in pain and my mind quit working and everything was hot I just stood their staring at this huge mess and waste of what was to be a yummy dinner. I turned the water on to run it on my arm and of course it came out hot as crap even though I turned it to cold first. That's when I started crying. Justin wasn't home yet, and I didn't know how to clean up the oven and save dinner. I turned the oven off and started scooping up the chicken and stuff and putting it back into the dish. By the time Justin got home I had cleaned up what I thought was most of the mess, but when we opened the bottom drawer we saw where it all had really gone - on top of all our clean pots and pans. He shooed me away to tend to my arm (after hugs and laughs) and he's cleaning up the rest of the mess. The casserole (what I could save of it) is in the oven. It better be the freaking best meal I've ever made.

My arm hurts.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Here it is - -the post about our beach trip with Zach and Sarah and my in-laws. I've had the pictures since Monday, but I've been having a really hard time finding adequate words to describe our week and how much I truly enjoyed the time spent with friends. So for the most part this post will be pictures with captions and hopefully the words will come later.

Geared up for the first day at the beach

Camp Helen State Park (or something like that) - this was the coolest tree ever so of course we had to take pictures in it!

Me and my babes.

Getting in and out of the tree was the most fun - I wish there was a picture of my trying to get in it. =) Fun times!

Camp Helen

Zach and Sarah

This old pier was the whole reason we went to Camp Helen - we wanted to get some pictures of and with it. Too bad we got there about 20 minutes before the park closed. We said we were gonna go back and shoot some more, but of course we didn't.

Zach got a new flash that is super cool and fun to play with so we'll be taking more pictures soon - when we actually have more than 5 minutes to play.


I love this picture of them. They match. Sarah hates to be matchey matchey, but I think it makes for cute pictures!

Seriously - why are kissy pictures so fun? I love them.

Help me! Help me! Poor little crawfish!

Mmmmm! We had some boiled crawfish one night and they were so yummy. Not quite spicy enough for me, but edible for everyone else.=) Sometimes I really miss Louisiana!

This is pretty much where we stayed if we were at the house - in the pool. One day I will have a pool in my back yard.

On the pontoon boat in St. Andrew's Bay - on our way to Shell Island

Another great pic -- and look at that water! We wanted to swim here sooo bad, but there were lots (LOTS!) of jellies and I'm terrified of them so that didn't happen. It was 20 or so feet deep but it looked like I could just reach in a touch the bottom. Amazing.

Justin caught a fish. Ha! He's a great fisherman - but the fish were not having it that day.

a closer look

Zach caught a fish too! I wish I had captured his face about 3 seconds after this picture -- the fish started flouncing all around and he nearly threw the pole in the water! It was so funny! He won't take the fish off of the hook. =) This fish did actually have real teeth though - so who can really blame him?

At Seaside (where the Truman Show was filmed).

In front of the Chapel at Seaside - yup. We might be the goofiest couple ever. And of course, I love this picture.




The future Moon children will have these amazing little cars! They are called Plasma Cars and they hold up to 250lbs (fun for Mom and Dad too! ha!) and you just sit on it and wiggle the wheel back and forth and you start moving forward! They turn on a dime and we had a blast playing with them in the toy store at Seaside. =)

Ok - blogger is not letting my add more pictures at the moment and I have three more orders to fill today (yikes!) so I will post the 2nd half of the trip (We are only up to Wednesday!) this afternoon. And maybe the words will come by then.=)

Monday, June 23, 2008

I need your help...

**UPDATED** OK people - I asked nicely and no one has responded to my question. I'm very sad. Please, please, and pretty please help me out.

I'm doing a little research for a Bible study. Please leave me a comment and answer the following question as truthfully as possible (however harsh it may be), with as many or as few words as you like. It's up to you whether you leave your name or not.

What comes to mind when you hear the words "Evangelical Christian?"

Thanks a ton!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Well hello there!

I know, I know. Waiting 2 weeks between posts is unacceptable and I am truly sorry - BUT - I have been at the beach with the besties and the in-laws without a decent internet connection. It was an absolutely amazing trip and I will share all about at that as soon as possible - but I want to have pictures to go in the post and since my camera has gone kaput again, I have to wait until The Zach sends them to me. Hopefully he'll do that today and I can post either tonight or tomorrow about the trip.

I should be folding laundry and unpacking - or perhaps even working on the 4 orders that I have waiting on me - but I think I'm gonna curl up on the couch with the hubby and see if I can find You've Got Mail on the telly.

I'll be back soon - promise!

P.S. WE GOT THE HOUSE!! The inspection is tomorrow so as long as there isn't some crazy huge crack in the foundation or a pack of man eating spiders in the attic the house is ours. Thanks for all the prayers!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sheesh and wow.

We are trying to buy a house. We don't have just tons of money laying around so it has taken quite sometime to find something that we like, that is in decent shape, in a good neighborhood/area, and that WE CAN AFFORD. Well, much to our surprise, we found one this past week kinda out of the blue. We absolutely LOVE IT, it needs very little work, and it is very much in our meager price range. We have an offer in on it now so hopefully we will hear back today from our realtor.

The unfortunate thing is that we happen to live in an apartment complex with the STRICTEST "BREAKING LEASE" POLICY EVER. It will actually be cheaper for us to just finish out our lease and pay both rent and mortgage for Sept and Oct than to break our lease. That boggles my mind. But anyway -- that is what is going on with me. It is what is consuming my mind.

Right now we are playing the "waiting game" and I am quite possibly the worst "waiter" ever so I'm pretty sure I am already driving my husband and friends crazy. Sorry bout that guys. Hopefully it will all be over soon and we'll have a house.

So while you are thinking about it, please pray that everything works out and we get the house (however selfish that might be - I'm still praying it) and that I'm able to be patient without losing all of my hair.

Thanks friends -- y'all are the best!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Hello friends! I can't believe it has been over a week since I've posted. It's good to be back.=)

Memorial Day weekend was great -- lots of time was spent at the pool, in the sun, and with friends. I spent the rest of the week in Louisiana with my family and it was wonderful. There will be more about that when my mom sends me the pictures -- which could take a while because she claims she doesn't remember how to upload them to the computer.

Lisa of The Girl Indie Blog tagged me to tell 5 unimportant things about myself. This turned out to be harder than expected - it seems I think everything about me is important! But here's my best shot anyway...

1. In high school a girlfriend, two guy friends, and I decided to be morticians for job shadowing day. I got to see all the behind the scenes stuff at the funeral home and lay in a casket (but I did NOT let them close the lid -- see 1b). I watched as they drained all the blood from and then embalmed a body. I learned how they keep the eyes and mouth shut. It was amazingly interesting. I was the only one of the four of us that stayed for the whole thing and didn't get sick. I thought it was fascinating!

1b. I am claustrophobic.

2. Every night I sleep with my teddy bear that Justin gave me right before he left for Korea, a light blocking eye mask, and a body pillow.

3. I hate mayonnaise and the word "crusty." Those two things aren't really related, but I now that I think about it, crusty mayonnaise might just be the worst thing ever. Like, ever ever. Ack and double ack.

4. My left boob is a little bit bigger than my right and it really annoys me. I hear this is normal though (please don't tell me if it isn't).

5. I like to wear my hair in pigtails. Right now I am wearing my dirty ol' UGA cap with pigtails sticking out of the bottom. I look like this at least 3 days out of the week.

I feel like that was really boring - sorry!

But now I tag:

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