Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rare, but beautiful, moments

Both kids that I nanny were out of school last Friday for Fall Break and I busted out the ol' camera to entertain myself while they were playing in the backyard. Because they are 6 and 3 they fuss with each other (okay - maybe it's because they are SIBLINGS!) a lot but in a rare moment of tenderness I captured this pic:

Please ignore the stupid timestamp - I forgot to turn it off (Thanks Zach for teaching me how!) before I took them.

Moments earlier this is what I was photographing:

Gracie walked away during his "magic trick" (hiding one pipe inside the other). In her defense, we had both already watched him do it AT LEAST 10 times so I can't really blame her! It cracks me up that literally moments after this I was able to capture their little hug from the top picture. Kids!

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