Wednesday, January 14, 2009



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. There's more info about the CPSIA.

If you make and sell handmade baby goods, love someone who does, or enjoy buying unique gifts for your kiddos, please go read about the CPSIA. It's a complete crap piece of legislation that goes into effect on February 10th and will quite effectively shut down Moonpie Designs and thousands of other small businesses like mine.

Read about it here - Caroline does a good job of explaining the basics of a very complex law. She gives several links you can visit to learn more and/or see how others are taking a stand and how you can too.

Though I'm hopeful that eventually there will be plenty of changes made to the clearly-not-well-thought-out original law, I'm still stressed about it. I started Moonpie Designs because I enjoy making things, but also because I wanted to have something I could do at home that might provide a little income once the kiddos start coming. Well, one is well on it's way, so you can see why I might be frustrated.

Just so you know, I just typed all of that with only my right hand. Baby William is snuggled up with the other one. More on that preciousness later - I took some pictures of him yesterday. For those of you who have no idea who I am talking about, check back later today to find out. :)

I'd love to know what you think about this CPSIA thing.


  1. yeah...i agree completely! i wrote about it a few weeks back and made sure all my friends and family signed the petition! the good news is i think they made a revision to exclude items made from natural materials (i.e. cotton, wood, etc) least that's a start! but i'm with you...i thought my shop would be a great way to bring some extra income when i become a stay at home mom so this law is definitely frustrating! oh and by the way- CONGRATS!!!

  2. I sent the petition to the proper people yesterday...because I definitely love someone who makes things!

  3. at a glance it seems this pertains to manufacturers selling their product to retail distributors on a large scale. Which I don't think you are doing, you're situation is direct custom orders.

  4. just thought you'd like to know, CPSIA has been suspended for a year!


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