Tuesday, September 30, 2008

There's a Wocket in my Pocket *UPDATED*

Do you remember that Dr. Seuss book? It was one of my favorites and it comes to mind this morning as I am dealing with my very own zattic in my attic. Or maybe it's just a squirrel, but still. I'm not a fan of things going bump in my walls - day OR night.

I'm upstairs in our bonus room trying to get some work done for both Moonpie Designs and the World Mission Team at CCC and suddenly there are lots of bumps. And then there is the pitterpatter of little feet. But they don't sound so little. And then there was scratching on the access door to what's left of the attic. This is terrible. Did I mention I'm here ALONE?

Normally these things wouldn't really bother me, but this is a new house and I haven't even been in the attic and the thought of something running out at me and getting loose in my house whilst I am here by myself is not really something I want to entertain.

However, there has already been a request that I get all of it on video when I manage to remind myself that I am much bigger and smarter than anything living in my attic, so maybe in a bit I will have a little footage for your viewing pleasure. Just know that there will probably be screaming and girliness and the fact that I am willing to let you see me acting girly should prove how much I love you. I'm cringing just thinking about it.

Of course - now I don't hear it anymore so maybe it scampered away and I can forget it was even there.

As I was pulling into my driveway 3 minutes ago I watched as at least two squirrels crawled into my roof (yes, INTO the roof - by going under a loose shingle). This is not good. They are building an army. They are going to sneak into my room at night and pelt me in the head with their stockpiles of acorns. I just know it.

Now for some pictures that I have been needing to post:

We were blessed beyond words when 9 people showed up to help us move (since Justin's back was still messed up and he was on strict orders not lift anything off of the ground). With all those people it only took 2 hours to haul everything down three flights of stairs, load it up, drive across town, and unload it in the right rooms at the new house. Right before we took this picture, Steve prayed over us and our house. One of the things he said was that he was grateful for the 8 guys and 1 lady that were blessed with the physical ability to be able to pass on that blessing and help us. We really are "blessed to be a blessing" (Read Genesis 12:1-3) and Justin and I were certainly blessed that day.

So a HUGE thank you to Zach May, Steve Merritt, Steven Miller, Ben Heskett, Jeff Rutherford, Greg Coniglio, Dick Mulloy (aka Granny Clampett...ha!), and Tommy and Nancy Moon. Y'all are truly the best!

Bella and I at my birthday party at Tava's.

Now you know you're tired when you fall asleep at the table! How precious is she!


  1. Pelt you with acorns?? What a horrible nightmare! We'll send Daisy over to defend you!

  2. Ok- so I have to HAVE the picture of her asleep at the table. It may be once in a lifetime occurance! Thanks for sharing.

  3. OK- so I have to HAVE the picture of her alseep at the table. I may be a once in a lifetime occurance!

  4. I guess I'm going to have to bring FeFe over so she can rid u of the squirrel population....Dad

  5. I guess i could catch a few of these snakes that keep showing up over here and bring them over there and release them in your attic.....they love squirrels...lol....Dad

  6. oh I have not thought ofthe glair or the lgair under the chair . . .I loved reading the book my kids . . . squirrels are probably one of my least favorite fuzzy tailed creatures - they make such messes!

    She is adorable asleep at the table.

    Thanks for stopping by my post . . .


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