Tuesday, July 7, 2009

39 weeks

So once again I've screwed up the pictures and they are cutting off some stuff on the right side. I'm too lazy to fix it now since it already took way too long to get this post ready. Sorry!

Baby Moon is still cookin'. Momma Moon is still miserable. :P

In the past two weeks there has been a trip to the hospital over what turned out to be false labor (the kid's got jokes) and two doctor's appointments. On Friday I was still 2-3cm and 50% effaced which didn't surprise me since all contractions pretty much ceased after the hospital trip. They have picked up again in the past two days, so hopefully we're getting somewhere. I'll go again on Friday (the 10th) if nothing happens before then and will most likely set a date for induction. Until then I'm just trying to pass the time.

Thankfully the holiday weekend provided lots of entertainment and fun. Justin was off of work on Thursday and Friday so I had a great 4 day weekend with him. Thursday he and Mom and I went to see Transformers 2 and we all loved it. After the movie I went to get a mani/pedi (which took about 3 hours) compliments of the Cardoza family. THAT was lovely. :) Thanks guys!

Friday we spent the whole day with the gang at the pool (a friend's house) and I enjoyed feeling weightless in the water. It was the first time (and most likely the only time) I was able to swim since being pregnant and man do I wish we had a pool! Glorious. There was good food and fun was had by all. I played my best game of Corn Hole EVER, but we still lost thanks to absolutely ZERO help by my partner (Justin). It was a wonderful day - the best day that I had had in a long while. :)

Saturday was CCC's annual 4th of July party. Our band played all day (and by "all day" I mean, for the whole party - from about 12:30-4pm with just a couple of breaks) and it was fun covering a bunch of songs. It was SCORCHING hot, but I survived.

Sunday was a normal day and we got to spend more time with Michael and Krista, some good friends that recently moved away from Rockdale County. All in all the whole weekend was relaxing and fun and refreshing. Too bad every day isn't like that!

Here are a few pictures from the festivities:The band

Corn Hole

Michael. There are no words.

Me and Zach singin'.

The whole band.

Singin' with Bella.

Sweet William

Gettin' some sun on the enormous belly. :)

Hotness. :)

Thanks to Zach for sharing the pics.

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  1. hey stephanie,
    its kris from africa. i was just thinking about you today and wasnt sure where to write you where you might get it... so i thought id try here. i think you are due like... well now :) so i was just checking in on you to see how things were going. cant wait to hear if your sweet one is a boy or girl and the name. make sure you post it somewhere or include me in a email list or something my email is chris_kristincox@yahoo.com
    praying for a smooth delivery, healing process and transition into a new and wonderful stage. youre gonna love being a mommy!!!!!!


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