Friday, October 16, 2009

She'll be coming around the mountain

A few weekends ago we spent a little time in the mountains of north Georgia (Suches, GA) with our good friends the Mays and the Cardozas. It was a wonderfully relaxing time. We didn't leave the house, and with 5 kids under 4 that was probably a good idea. We ate yummy food, played games, soaked and LAUGHED in the hot tub, attempted to catch non-existent fish, played ping pong and air hockey on the world's smallest ping pong/air hockey table (and got sore from it), laid around and read in front of the fire, and just generally had a grand ol' time. The Mays and Cardozas started the tradition before I moved here and I'm so glad they let us in on the fun. It's something we look forward to every year.

The view across the river

The house. Yes, that is like 5 stories of stairs. Maybe more.

The view from the porch - that's Justin trying to catch the oh-so-elusive trout that are supposedly in that river.

See? It IS the smallest ping pong table ever. And just so you know, I am good at very few things that are even slightly athletic (just let me think that ping pong requires some athletic ability) but I actually am pretty good at ping pong and it makes me happy. I beat Sarah (who wouldn't let Zach keep the score out loud), Leslie, and Justin, but was defeated by Matt, who plays ping pong like it's real tennis. He's kinda fierce. I didn't get to play Zach, but I'm fairly certain I would have beaten him as well. :PI grew up playing a card game called Canasta (actually I think it's a version of Canasta called Argentina) with my family and Justin and I taught it to the Mays last year and we taught the Cardozas our last night in the mountains. It was great fun and VERY entertaining. Matt and Leslie are a HOOT! This is how Leslie held her cards. :)

Our little group. Zach, Sarah, Micah, Connor, Matt, Leslie, Isabella, William, Justin, Silas, and me.

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