Wednesday, November 11, 2009

4 months

Today is Silas' 4 month day. :)

Here's what he's doing these days:
*rolling from stomach to back AND back to stomach all the time
*playing for long periods on his tummy and enjoying his playmat
*playing with paper or plastic or anything that makes a "crinkly" noise
*reaching for things he wants (like my glasses)
*sleeping through the night (for about a month now)

He's a joy. These pictures make me smile.


  1. So many wonderful achievements. I have to say, his little "hairstyle" is so cute. It's almost Elvis-like. What a cutie. That along with his awesome smile, you definitely have a looker :)

    Take care,

  2. Makes me smile too!!!!POPS

  3. Yes, Steph . . . these definitely make me smile, too. Saturday will not get here soon enough. He is absolutely cuddly and bubbly all in one! How blessed we are . . . I love you sweetie . ..

  4. That boy will probably have naked pictures of him until he's old enough to be embarrassed :)

  5. He is so adorable. My favorite is his precious little curl on the top of his head. CUTIE!!


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