Monday, April 12, 2010

Silas (9 months)

{EDITED 4/13 because I forgot a couple of things}

It's that time again! Silas turned 9 months old yesterday. My heart broke right in two. That means that in just 3 months he will be a year old.

We are having so much fun every day and this past month was a blast! There are tons of pictures to prove it and trust me when I say that even though there are 15 in this post, there are 500 more that I could have shared. He was just ultra-adorable this month. And every month. :)

He is:

*no longer just pulling up on everything. He now walks around the tables and chairs and anything else he can get to. Occasionally he lets go for a second or two. But when we are taking a bath (yes, we bathe together) he just lets go and free falls assuming I will catch him. He also dives from one side of the tub to the other (it's a pretty big tub) with no concern for the water in between. Guess that means he trusts me. :)

*Walking very well while you hold his hands. He just got good at this in the last 3 days.

*still talking non-stop. He cracks us up because he will even whisper to his toys. No real words yet.

*Waves hello and bye-bye and any other time he feels like it. I plan to video this today. He stretches his arm way out in front of him and opens and closes his hand. I melt every single time he does it. He also does this when he is eating and we think he might be using it as "more" but aren't quite sure.

*Gives high-five :)

*very indecisive about how he feels about brushing his teeth. One time he loves it and the next he throws the toothbrush at me and screams. He has five teeth now - 3 on top and 2 on bottom.

*His favorite things to do are:
~walk around and climb on EVERYTHING
~eat puffs and Biter Biscuits and anything else he can find on the floor
~follow Momma around the house
~take stuff out and make a mess. Everything from his toys to clean clothes to trash bags to wipes. He can make a mess faster than anything!
~turn on the faucet for the tub and then get scared and dive for Momma. He does this at
least 5 times every bath.
~anything outside
~undo his diapers and pull them out from under himself. This has resulted in more than one mess.
~take off his bib and throw it

Here are the pictures. They are in no particular order. If you make it to the end you can have a pat on the back! :)

This is what he did in the 2 minutes I was putting away clothes in our room. He was so very proud of himself.

He is lightening fast when he wants to be and he escaped while mom was changing him and putting on his jammies. Clearly the kid is mine with his love for the nakedness.

Easter. Please excuse the whiteness of my legs. I'm working on it.

My parents drove out and spent the week before Easter with us. We had a blast and Silas LOVED playing with Mamay and Pops.

He will eat anything.

I am happy because we have several pictures of the two of us from the past couple of weeks. I am usually behind the camera.

Walking with Pops at the Monastery


Mamay and Pops at the Monastery

In his new cap handed down from Connorkins

Once again, I left the room for a minute or two to do something and this is how I found him. Look at the expression on his face!! TROUBLE.

Align CenterPlaying in the trailer and being a loon

Goofin' off with Daddy


And just because he is gorgeous. I have no problem saying it. :)

Did you make it??

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