Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Sometimes I forget how loud the "country" can be.

Silas and I are at my parents house in Louisiana this week and at the moment we are here alone because Mom and Dad are both at work.

More than that, I am alone because Silas is napping.

I have the doors and windows open because it is absolutely gorgeous outside and it is 62 degrees according to the thermostat on the back porch.

You would think that it might be quiet since there is no one here. Au contraire my friends.

The fountains in the pond just off the back porch are flowing and the sound of the water rippling is soothing to my soul.

There's a soft breeze and the chimes are ringing just enough to let me know that they are there.

There's a symphony of birds...

The doves are cooing. There are lots of doves.

The Blue Jays (what bullies they are!) are squawking at the Red Headed Woodpeckers and fighting over the sunflower seeds.

Two Mallard drakes are chasing a Mallard hen and she is loudly voicing her displeasure. Bless her heart. :)

Somewhere there is a Mockingbird giving it's best impression of I don't know what...but it's loud.

There's a boat motor in the distance.

The waves are gently lapping on the shore and I can't wait to swim this afternoon.

Somewhere a rooster crows...it may be across the cove.

All of these sounds are so familiar - I grew up with them - and yet they seem so foreign compared to the rumble of trucks, cars, and motorcycles, barking of yippie dogs, and the voices of neighbor kids that we hear at our house. We have birds too - and they sing and chirp and fuss at each other - but often times they are drowned out by all the other sounds.

That doesn't happen here. It is wonderful. It is peaceful.

I love it.

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