Thursday, December 2, 2010

Embrace the Camera (Dec. 2)

Every single one of my EtC pics this week were taken by my SIL Holly and I totally stole them from her facebook page. :) Hey - I had to since I promised better pictures this week and my attempts only produced more pictures of me kissing a screaming kid. :/

Holly and Ricky came over for dinner and a movie (V for Vendetta on Nov. 5th - yes, we are nerds) and since she has a great DSLR she is always snapping away. :)

Right before bedtime Silas always gets this crazy burst of energy and this particular night he was in rare form running around all over and being a complete nut.

It didn't take him long to figure out that Momma is funny when you hit her on the head. :)

While it looks like he is being uber sweet and giving kisses, in actuality he is taking his paci back from me. ;) However, yesterday I got 5 completely UNSOLICITED kisses. Melt my heart.

I spent Thanksgiving week being sick with a sinus infection/cold and as crappy as that was (my family was here and I wasn't myself) it was 120938461029836401928364 times better than how I spent Thanksgiving last the hospital. If you don't know that story go here and here. Anyway - this is from Thanksgiving night at Justin's family's dinner.

And just for kicks - here's Mamay Embracing the Camera too. :)
Go get your EtC on!


  1. Adorable photos!!!!! you look great for fighting a cold!!! :)

  2. cute cute cute!!! glad to have found your blog via Embrace the Camera!
    And P.S Is that gold necklace that you have from one picture Premier? It loks familiar and it is SUPER cute on! And i like your sweater in that picture. Am i a weird blogger complimenter? I guess so. But not a creeper. ha! :) Have a great day!

  3. Looks like tons of fun. Sweet Pics! :)


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