Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas in pictures

Me, Momma, and Rachael made cookies.

Silas ate them. :)

Christmas Eve was spent with my Mom's family as is tradition. DD joined us this year. :) We took our traditional family pictures at the end of the night, but Justin had already left to put Silas in bed (since it was LATE) so they aren't in our picture. :(

Christmas morning. This is about my only picture of Christmas day - I spent all day behind the video camera and forgot to take pictures!

We went to Natchitoches (Nack - a - tosh) to see the lights and on the way there we ate at Nikki's - a Mexican restaurant. Silas decided to skip his beans and rice and go straight for the salsa. He ate it all with his spoon. :) This Momma's heart was proud.

Some of the lights

Our ONLY picture of all three of us. Silas was not about it.

This tunnel was really cool - it changed to all different colors.

I saw this and it made me laugh and think of the Griswolds!

Crazy Pops and Uncle Doug!!

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