Saturday, May 12, 2012

Evie {two months}

Evie turned 2 months old on Thursday. :)

She had her 2 month check-up yesterday and measured 22 1/4inches long and weighed 10lb 13oz. She's in the 50 percentile for height and weight and the 75th for head circumference...she's got a big ol' noggin!

She continues to be a great baby.  She's almost always happy and very rarely cries.  When she is discontent or hungry she usually just starts grunting like a little pig or whining. Really - until yesterday we had barely heard her cry for more than a few seconds.

But y'all. 


She's got a bit of dramatic flair I believe.

She got shots yesterday and she (obviously!) wasn't happy about them, but later in the evening she decided that she still wasn't happy about them and the soreness of her legs and she WAILED at the top of her lungs for a very long time.  She could not be consoled.  She finally fell asleep on me, but if I moved or she moved she would start all over again.  It was the saddest thing ever.

And it made me very glad that she isn't a big cry-er because *damn* the girl has got some volume!
(excuse the language)

But she slept great last night once she settled down and is back to her normal happy self today.

At two months she is:
*eating every 2 to 4 hours except during the night when she only eats once
*smiling up a storm and getting more generous with them for friends (but I still think her Daddy gets the most)
*still loving water and baths - I've started putting her in the tub with me and today she was trying to lean back and get her head in the water so I held her on her back just by her head (like they teach you to do in water babies swim classes) and let her float and she LOVED it.  
*sitting in her Bumbo chair
*loving her playmat and kicking the toys that hang from it
*seems to be *over* her swing since she hasn't been content in it for a week or so

Bright eyes!

I wish we had a video of this little photo shoot that I attempted by myself.  Funny funny.  I simply did not have enough hands and Silas was ZERO help.  We have quite a few outtakes. :)


And for comparison:

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