Monday, June 25, 2012

Evie {3 months}

Evie girl turned 3 months old TWO weeks ago.

I'm a slacker.

She didn't have a well-baby check up this month so I don't know how much she weighs.

She is rolling from back to tummy with ease and from tummy to back but she'd rather just scream until someone comes and gets her when she is tired of her tummy instead of rolling over that way.

She has moved to her crib upstairs in her room (she's been in a pack n play in our room) and seems to be quite happy there. :)  She is sleeping from about 8:45/9pm to about 7/8am.

She LOVES her brother.

She has started to giggle if you tickle her just right - but it has to be JUST RIGHT or she just stares at you.

She has become quite a little diva when it comes to poop and she wants it off of her IMMEDIATELY. She poops and then goes nuts screaming and arching her back and wiggling until we change her.  She treats it the same way I treat bugs...GET IT OFF OF ME NOW.

She's still our little happy baby.  Unless she is hurting or pooped she is generally all smiles and happy as a loon.

I took these pictures on her 3 month day so she's grown a little bit since then.

Girl couldn't keep her legs in criss-cross without falling over so we had to add a little modesty patch. ;-)

This one makes me laugh because I took a bunch of pictures as fast as I could (got like 3 decent ones because she wasn't really in the mood) and this was one towards the end.  She just looks like she is over it.

With her Bella :-)

Pops and Silas

Sweet gorgeous girl.

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