Sunday, November 11, 2007


I have to give a HUGE thank you to Zach and Sarah May for helping sooooooooo much with getting Moonpie Designs off the ground! Thanks, Sarah, for the hours of cutting out patterns and fabric, encouraging me to have "the show" and then allowing me to have it at your house, and most of all, for being an amazing friend and keeping me sane! Zach, my blog looks amazing and it's all because of you. I don't even know what else to say -- I'll cook whatever you ask for anytime you ask for it!! Y'all rock!

Thanks also to Lindsay Monihan for cutting all the patterns and fabrics (I know, the totes were horrible!!), helping with "the show", and listening all those days I talked your ears off about whatever happened to be bothering me at the moment. You are the best cousin ever!!!

Thanks Momma and Daddy for driving all the way to GA from LA to help me this weekend and for not letting me throw my sewing machine out the window when it quit on me Saturday night. Y'all are the best and I LOVE YOU!

Justin - I don't even know what to say. Thank you for the hours and hours of listening to me dream about this little business and for all the guidance on the actual "business" end of things. Thank you for cutting out potholder and tote fabric and for watching movies on the floor in the sewing room just so I wouldn't feel alone. Thank you for being my biggest fan and for saying you are "proud of me." You are the best husband ever and I love you more.

Finally, thanks to all the wonderful ladies of Christ Community Church in Conyers for the love and support and for actually showing up and buying things at the show today! You girls ROCK MY SOCKS and I love you all!!

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  1. your blog looks great! and i love your pics...the ones from halloween are hilarious. ya'll definitley looked the part. when i first saw it i expected you to say that ya'll were your mom and dad at their senior prom or something. haha.


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