Thursday, April 24, 2008


Yeah so that whole plan about buying new socks to aid in my laziness? Not gonna happen. I got a speeding ticket on my way to work this morning. Yay. 62 in a 45. Yep. So there goes pretty much anything I was going to buy besides food for the next two or so months. *sigh*

It has been years since I got a ticket (since about 5 years). I've never been one of those girls who could talk her way out of a ticket. Usually I am just so mad that I can't speak at all for fear of terrible consequences over my.big.mouth.. Seriously - I am usually fuming before Mr. Po-Po even gets to my window. I've never even tried to get out of one -- mostly because I knew I could take it home to good ol' Leesville and have some family member call some other family member to get that family member to call their daddy's brother's first wife's uncle to have it "fixed" for me. Gone are those days (unless I happen to get a ticket in LA. ha!). There will be no "fixing" of this ticket. But this morning, instead of being angry, I felt humbled (for lack of better word). I KNEW that I was speeding and I KNEW that I deserved that ticket. And he was so nice - not at all like the cops I have encountered in the past with their smugness and smart aleck remarks. He asked me if I wanted him to check the accuracy of the radar - and I was just like, um, no. I mean, I know I was speeding so there is no need to do that. (Which apparently was the not-so-wise-choice because since I was more than 10mph over the limit our insurance will go up. Boo.) Not that him checking the radar accuracy would have changed anything - I know I was speeding. It's very hard to go 45mph on a road with so many hills (Centennial Olympic for you Conyers folk). But anyway, this might sound totally weird, but aside from completely blowing our saving budget (I want a house and baby people!), I don't so much mind the ticket. I DESERVE IT. That's what happens when you are jammin' a little too much and let your foot get a little too heavy. And that makes me think about how in life I DESERVE so much less than I get. Or so much more (punishment/consequences). I DESERVE nothing. Well, I DESERVE death (thanks May family for that nugget of truth). But that's what's so amazing about grace. I don't deserve it but I get it anyway. Thank you Lord that there is nothing I can do to make you love me more. I would fail miserably with every effort. Thank you Lord that there is nothing I can do to make you love me less. Nothing at all. And that takes the burden off of trying so hard to get things right. Not that I don't want to live and do right (pleasing to God, not man), but I can't do it all right and that is ok. Because He has me and He's not lettin' go. Hallelujah! I am aware that the link between a speeding ticket and grace probably only makes since in my wacky mind, but I'm hoping you get something out of it too.

And I just have to say again how wonderful it is to be a part of the CCC Women's Group - though I do think we need a better name. You ladies pour out grace to each other and to me and I'm so blessed to get to see Jesus in you.


  1. Girl, you're definitely getting the whole grace walk!! Yeah, I know it's tough to keep the speed down on the hills around car does the same thing!
    Saw "Come Together" on your music memories!
    Lori J.

  2. Well i really feel for you Steph...Sorry Daddy can't help you with this one....but thank the Lord Daddy doesn't have to pay for it....Marriage is a wonderful thing...See if Tommy knows someone... good luck....Daddy


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