Thursday, October 2, 2008

Writing Prompt - A Time I Hid from Someone

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*I apologize in advance for the lack of paragraphs and any run-on sentences. I tend to write how I talk. :)

One of my favorite memories of my college days has to do with hiding - and breaking and entering, but does it really count as breaking if you just opened a door that was already broken?

Several friends and I decided it would be fun to break into the old barn at the insane asylum a few miles from my college. (This is what happens when you go to a Christian school - you have to find unconventional ways to have fun and/or get in trouble. But that's another post for another time.) The "barn" (we're aren't really sure what it was exactly) sat atop a steep hill and looked like something out of a horror movie. We parked at the bottom of the hill, off the main road, but still under a street lamp. After climbing the hill, we found a door that was off its hinges and snuck inside. Of course we didn't plan ahead and bring a flashlight, so the only light source we had was one of those little red LED lights you can keep on your key chain. Yeah. Think creepy place, the middle of the night, and one tiny little red light. Red lights make everything scarier. So we are walking around and the place is pretty much empty except for a bunch of boxes all stacked up and the occasional bed frame. So naturally, we open the boxes. Well, the first one we open just has like old calenders and some paperwork and stuff. Bor-ing! So we open another. And another. Then we each start opening our own boxes because up to this point we have all been moving as one big blob -- everyone holding on to someone else. So I open my box and pull out what looks like a cloth rag of some sort. Excited that we found something other than paper, everyone gathers around my box with the light. I hold up the rag thing and for a beat there is silence. And then there is screaming. And then there is mass chaos as the guys try to hush the screaming. I finally get a chance to look at what is causing the commotion and I realize that I am not holding a cleaning rag, I am holding a white t-shirt with what appears to be huge bloodstains on it. Bloodstains! Suddenly I hear everyone saying "shhh shhh" and we hear voices coming from outside near the door. Not good. So quiet mass chaos ensues again as we try to find a way out without going back through the door. There's no other way out (all the windows are nailed shut) so we end up sneaking up to the door and then running full speed to the other side of the building - the side nearest where we parked the car. When we look down the hill to where the car is, we see a cop walking around the car and writing down the license plate number. We had already made it half way down the hill when we saw the cop so now we are all hiding behind a big oak tree - the only tree on the whole hill. Before the cop gets back in his car, he walks to the base of the hill and picks up my friends shoes (moccasin slippers) that he left there because he didn't want them to get wet. The cop takes the shoes with him, gets in his car, and leaves. As soon as he's gone we jet to the car (because the whole time we can still hear voices up the hill and it sounds like the groundskeepers or whoever are looking for us) and drive to the river and park under the bridge. Jaimi (the only other girl and the owner of the car) starts freaking out because she thinks the cops are going to be waiting for her when she gets back on campus, so we sat under the bridge for most of the night, scared out of our minds, pumped with adrenaline, and starving. We eventually ended up at a friend's apartment to crash for the remainder of the night. The cops never contacted Jaimi and we never heard anything else about it.

What I can't figure out is, why did the cop take the shoes?


  1. Great story! That sounds like great fun. :)

  2. Oh my Lord!!! How scary and totally hilarious all at the same time! I have always wanted to sneak into a deserted place and look around!!

  3. What a great story. How scary and funny all at the same time..

    I also went to a Christian college and we were always trying to find crazy things to do..

  4. I wasn't sure this story was for real..What about the shirt? I can't figure how the cops didn't trace the plate either..This was terrifying..
    This story would make a had me a wreck reading it.

  5. Great story and how funny that the cop took your friends shoes! I guess he wanted to get back at the "kids" he knew he couldn't find! :)

  6. Holy schniekies! You are WAY more brave than I! I would have stayed by the car holding the shoes to begin with!!

  7. I was wondering the same thing. Why take the shoes? Haha. Good story.

  8. decided it would be fun to break into the old barn at the insane asylum a few miles from my college.

    Seriously. WTF?? lol.

    Cops take the shoes, so you cant take off the laces and commit suicide. Since you broke into a barn at an insane asylum you are obviously crazy. lol.
    But seriously, thats why they do that.

  9. Look at you you little rebel!! I'm pretty sure I would have peed my pants. :)


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