Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bump Watch: 16 1/2 Weeks

At my last doctor's appointment at 15 weeks (I think 15 weeks - it was Jan 23rd) I weighed 133 1/2 lbs.  Mind you that was with jeans, a sweater, cami, tummy sleeve, socks, undergarments, and a hat. . . hey, it adds up people!!  I did manage to get my shoes off before the nurse started reading the scale. :) They don't waste anytime.  My blood pressure was borderline low again but they keep saying it's because I'm calm and small.  Ha!  Calm my butt.  

We were very excited about this appointment because we hadn't heard the heartbeat yet and knew we would get to that day.  It took a while to find it and both Justin and I were freaking out internally (his face turned pretty white real quick) and then after a little while the doctor said, "that's your heartbeat mom, hmmm, that's a baby kick, that's another kick..." and then there it was plain as day - loud and fast!  I breathed a huge sigh of relief and Justin regained his coloring. :) The heart rate was 162.  Please refrain from giving me your opinion on the connection between heart rates and the sex of the baby.  I already know and I think its hogwash.

I also had my Triple Marker test that day and I swear I am asking for a new blood-taker-person next time.  She has bruised and hurt me every time she's done it and I've never had a problem with having my blood drawn before.  Sarah agrees with me - this woman is no good.

What else?  That's about it. I still feel pretty good except for occasional headaches (three or four times a week) and round ligament pain.  Also, my balance is slightly off since there is a turnip (or so says Baby Center) in my belly. I haven't felt the baby move yet, at least not that I can really tell, but expect to feel it soon.  And we have not yet decided if we are going to find out the sex, so don't ask.  

My belly button is having to work extra hard these days - it's getting pretty stretched out already.  And what you can't see in this picture is that my jeans are unzipped ALL THE WAY and I have a rubber band through he button hole and around the button that is just about stretched to the max.  But you do what you gotta do right?! 

We bought furniture for the nursery over the weekend and I will post pictures of that tomorrow. Promise! Camera batteries are charging right now.


  1. I can't even explain how happy I'd be to weigh 133 lbs on a normal day!

  2. I hear you Sarah. That is one of my long term goals. Maybe one day I will get below that but I won't hold my breath. You look great Steph!

  3. YAY! I love the rubber band idea! You look so great! Super pumped about the furniture!

  4. You look great! I go to the doctor on Thursday and am not too excited to get on the scale either!

  5. You look fabulous, Honey!!!
    And, all 3 of you make GORGEOUS pregnant women.
    Oh to have the metabolism of our mid-twenties for the rest of time - we can dream. :)

  6. Yeppers...you're beautiful! and Leslie as I always say...we look hot with our clothes on :)

  7. Wow Steph....Looks like I really am going to be a grandpa!!!! DAD

  8. wow....that is awesome! i'm really happy for you!

  9. Such and exciting time for you both. It's been 2 weeks since your last post, is everything alright?

    Take care,


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