Monday, May 11, 2009


Wow. What a crazy past few weeks! Good crazy, but crazy nonetheless. The whole month of April was spent with family and friends and it was wonderful. My college friend Katy flew in from Texas and spent a week with me (she's pregnant too - due two weeks after me) and somehow we managed to let the week go by without taking a single picture.:( But a couple weeks before she came here we stopped over in Dallas for a night and managed to snap a pic of our two growing familes. :) Justin, me and Baby Moon, Katy and Jubilee, and Tommy

I've been sick for the past 20ish days with a cold/allergies/sinus crap. My doctor put me on a Z Pack promising that it would do the trick and it did not. I go back this Friday and hopefully we'll find something that will work. I'm pretty tired of not being able to breathe, and between the stuffy nose and a child sitting on my lungs it's been pretty rough.

Thursday nights are always spent with the May's and this last Thursday was no exception even though it was the day before Sarah's due date. I realized late that afternoon that we did not have a single picture of our pregnant bellies so I called Sarah and told her she couldn't go into labor until we took a couple. Who knows if we'll ever be pregnant at the same time again?! This was important stuff! She obliged and Zach took a few of us after dinner. We are terrible at having our pictures taken!! Zach kept telling us to do stuff and we would both just stand there or just start laughing. Believe it or not, I get pretty camera shy. But it was fun and we got a couple of good ones for the baby books. :) Now Sarah says that we get to take some again the day before MY due date so her belly will be back to normal and mine will be about to pop. I don't think that's very fair, but I love her so we'll see.We have about 15 more pictures like this one where we are supposed to be doing something specific but all we can do is laugh.

I can't begin to tell you how weird it was to have our bellies touching. I mean, the inside of your bellybutton never touches anything, much less the inside of your best friend's bellybutton. Very strange.
40 weeks and 30 1/2 weeks, respectively. I hope I look that good the day before I have this kid.I am ready to have this baby. 62 days feels like FOREVER, especially after I spent the weekend at the hospital with Sarah and Zach and their precious new baby, Connor. I'm ready to hold Baby Moon. And breathe again. :)
I have decided that week 30 was NOT my favorite week of pregnancy. Baby Moon found my ribcage and used them for monkey bars pretty much 24/7 with the occasional break to jump on my bladder. It is a strange feeling to have just peed and then 2 minutes later to feel like you better run to the bathroom to go again only to sit there for 5 minutes waiting to squeeze out 4 drops. I'm not crazy about that. I do love that I can "play" with the baby though. I can move it around and it will push back. Also, sometimes if it hurts me bad I fuss at it and push in kinda firmly and it lets me know that it doesn't approve of my discipline. :) Justin doesn't like it when I do that and thinks it's great when I get kicked 10 times as hard afterwards.

In other pregnancy news, I passed my glucose test the first time (Praise the Lord!!!) so I definitely don't have gestational diabetes. However, apparently I am not immune to the Rubella virus (it's the R in the MMR vaccine that you get as babies and then in high school - aka German Measles) so that's kinda weird since about the only women that aren't immune were born outside of the US. They said it doesn't mean anything for the baby, just that I have to have a new injection of the vaccine right after I deliver so that the next time I'm pregnant there is no chance I can get it and pass it to the baby (which can only happen in the first trimester). Good thing the virus has been eradicated in the US for quite sometime. Sheesh. And, I now weigh 150 lbs.. I cannot even comment on that.This is my bellybutton and Jorge, the scar just above it. Teenagers, this is why you don't get your bellybutton pierced. I got mine done in the fall of '02, took it out a month later, and I STILL got a scar from it when my belly grew. Now, can you imagine what a tattoo on your abdomen will look like when you are big and pregnant? Not cute!! Seriously - think twice - err, 100 times before you do it. You can't really tell in the picture, but it is about an inch long vertically and it's super shiny on the inside like a really bad stretch mark. Before my belly grew you could barely even tell there was a tiny scar there. So unless you want a scar big enough to name, don't do it.

Last one, I promise. Micah (Zach and Sarah's 1st born) stayed with us while they were at the hospital Friday, all night, and Saturday morning. We have very few pictures of me and him together, and I like this one because we were just chillin' watching some "Nemo." Micah loves me, but he usually spends most of his time playing with his "Ju-Jus" (Justin). But Friday he was in a "Neh-Nee" mood and snuggled with me for the whole movie. He's pretty much the cutest kid ever and we love spending time with him.


  1. Hey! You look great! So far,baby Hale hasn't discovered my rib cage. However, it loves to dance and play with my bladder or at least thats what it feels like. I know how you feel with the whole bathroom thing. I have a feeling these last two months with fly by!

    Kristi Hale

  2. Thanks for putting my big white belly out there for all the world to see :) We are pretty cute though!!


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