Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My new favorite thing.

These Steakhouse Cheddar subs are my new favorite things. Sarah saw them on sale last week and bought us a couple for lunch and I fell in love. I am usually not a fan of "packaged" meals, but the bread, meat, cheese, and sauces come packaged separately so you build your own sandwich the way you want. The Steakhouse Sauce is basically Arby's sauce - and we know how I love me some Arby's sauce! Also, it comes with a microwaveable tray so you can heat it without it getting all soggy and gross.

You should try some.

And also this:

That's all.

What's your favorite thing right now?


  1. i haven't tried the sandwiches, but i have tried the cherry dr. pepper and love it! I will have to remember to try the sandwiches!

    love, Melissa H.

  2. That is Brad's favorite sandwich! Where did Sarah find them? I haven't been able to find it on last few trips to the grocery store.

  3. Just wanted you to know you won the book! Just need to get your address! Congrats girl! H

  4. Aren't those Dr. Pepper Cherry's the best. I used to drink Cherry coke all the time but these sure beat it. I love it!

  5. So...I tried the flat bread sandwich with the steak and cheese it was awesome. I haven't tried the hot sub one with steak and cheese but look foward to trying it this week! They were even on sale at kroger for 2 for 5!!

  6. Tried the sandwich today and it was awesome!

    Love, Melissa h


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