Saturday, June 6, 2009

34+ weeks

34 weeks, 155lbs

Well I'm under 40 days til Baby Moon's due date. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. I am so ready to meet this baby and also to have my body back. And I don't even mean my pre-pregnancy body, I just mean a body that doesn't have a mind of it's own that I semi-recognize both physically and emotionally. I feel like I have been a completely different person for the past 8 1/2 months. Anyone else understand what I mean? It's like all these hormones have screwed with my head so much that I can barely even find myself in there somewhere. My creativity is GONE and I'm just praying that is a side-effect (ha!) of growing a human and all the hormones because I miss it and I miss being able to form cohesive logical thoughts. I also miss being able to get out of the bathtub by myself. :) But enough ranting.

I went to the doctor last Friday and now I have met everyone that could possibly deliver the baby. My blood pressure was actually very average the last two appointments. I don't know if that's good though - hopefully it's not just getting higher and higher. I asked if it was normal for my ribs to make popping noises and feel like they are breaking and apparently it is. Joy joy. :) I also asked about the likelihood of a C-Section for me and if there is anyway to tell ahead of time if it is a big possibility. My mom and a couple of her sisters had the thing where your pelvic bones aren't wide enough for the baby to get though and they had to have C-Sections because of it. I'm just interested in knowing if there's any chance of knowing that before-hand so I don't get stuck dilated to 4 cm for 20 hours and then told I have to have a Section. I'm gonna see Dr. Duhart next week (she does most of the C-Sections) so she can look at me and we can talk about it. I AM NOT scheduling a C-Section. Let me just be clear about that before I start getting all kinds of ugly emails about it.I finished work with Bella and William this week and it is bittersweet. I had a wonderful year with them and I hate that they were cheated out of my usual energetic self for the past few months. But we had fun and I am soooooo blessed to have been their nanny. And I'll still see them all the time. :)

I spent the last week getting my house clean because I always feel like I can't start on fun projects until the dishes are put away and the bed is made. This week I hope to finish the nursery. I just painted the new closet doors and now I need to buy fabric and sew the curtains, paint the table and chairs that were mine and Doug's growing up, re-cover the cushions for the glider-rocker (and figure out where I'm putting it), find artwork for the walls, and hang the shelving in the closet. Not too much, but I'm ready to have it all done.

That's all I've got for now peeps. I promise it won't be so long between posts now that I'm a stay at home mommy. :)


  1. Hang in there girl! You are almost there! :) You need to post pics of the nursery. I am sure it will be adorable!

  2. yay for stay at home mommies! I am so proud of you for putting your weight on your blog. I didn't get that brave...and never will!!!

    You look awesome and by next summer both our bodies will be back to their old lovliness (i hope!)

  3. Hey there, glad to see you back. I'm sure leaving the kiddies was hard, but just think in a few weeks you will have a kiddie of your own. I agree with Lisa, we need to see some before and after pictures of the nursery. Good luck with all your sewing and hard work.

    take care,

  4. Wow....It's getting closer!! I cannot wait to see what your baby will look like. No doubt it will be stunning with parents like you and your hubby!


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