Sunday, June 27, 2010

Run for Relief

Last night I ran in my first 5k since high school (when I was FORCED to do it). About 2-3 weeks ago one of my friends and Young Life girls (who actually didn't end up doing it) asked me to run in it so I decided to give it a go. I already knew that Leslie and Sarah were going to run it so I started running with them to get ready. Surprisingly I sort of liked it...when I was done at least. :)

The race was the Run for Relief for Rockdale Emergency Relief. RFR for RER. Say that 10 times fast.

Rockdale County Emergency Relief Fund, Inc. (RER),

provides supportive services and assistance to residents

of the Rockdale County community or to transient

residents in the Rockdale County community

experiencing a temporary crisis situation for which

financial assistance or commodities are not reasonably

available from any other resource that can restore their

immediate self-sufficiency. (via RER's website)

I managed to finish in 35:45 which was a full 4 minutes faster than I had ever done it while training (for all of 2-3 weeks). I was sooooo excited when I turned the corner for the last stretch and saw the time at the finish! I somehow managed to get 2nd place in my age division. Crazy. I am so proud of myself and my girls! :) We all finished ahead of our goal times.

Getting ready to start - I painted on the back of my shirt. I figured at least one person would see it since I refused to finish last. ;)

At the finish - Since I was so far ahead of my normal time Justin was not at all prepared to snap pictures so we only got one or two of me finishing.

Leslie at the finish line!

Sarah at the finish line!

I can't wait for the next one girls!

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