Thursday, November 18, 2010

Embrace the Camera (Nov. 18)

My pictures for EtC are kinda lame today. I haven't had much to choose from and we've been running around so crazy busy lately that I haven't stopped and grabbed the camera as much as I should have.

Silas is OVER pictures right now. :(

But I try anyway.

A few weekends ago we kept Connor all day while the rest of the May family went to an Auburn game. Silas had so much fun with a friend all to himself! They don't get a lot of playtime when it's just them - there's always a big brother around - so they had a blast.:)

How are you embracing the camera this week?

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  1. poor silases!! he's going to be micah all over again! Ya'll still look cute :)

  2. I think they turned out cute :)

  3. Love these :) they are cute photos even though there wasnt much participation :)

  4. love these photos - beautiful Mommy!

  5. I totally understand busy weeks. My picture was actually one taken a couple of weeks ago because we haven't had a chance to pick up the camera this week.

  6. Not true about lame. Those first two are so great. Love, love!

  7. i think they are great photos! even if he isn't into them right now.


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