Tuesday, September 20, 2011

16 weeks

Baby Moon is growing every day and in my opinion the above picture does not do my sizeable belly justice. :)

It's very active all the time but we can't yet feel it from the outside (though I expect that to happen any day now).

I had an appointment today and everything sounded great with the heartbeat - in the 150s.

My back and hips are killing me on a daily basis and have been since about week 7 or 8. I expected this since it happened really early with Silas too.

I am also feeling Braxton Hicks contractions which again came as no surprise since they started getting where I could feel them about this time with Silas.

We have decided to find out the gender this time. Part of me thinks I will regret it because it feels like opening a Christmas present early (boo!) and we LOVED not knowing what Silas was, but the other part of me wants to experience the 2nd half of my pregnancy knowing the gender just to have experienced it both ways. So we are going to find out this time.

I'll have that ultrasound in a couple of weeks.

In my head I want to have a little party with all of our friends to make the announcement, but then again I don't always handle situations where all of the attention is on me/us well so we might decide to just do something fun with a mass announcement. I guess we'll see what kind of mood I am in when it gets closer.:)

We have a girl's name (some people know what it is but we'll not be sharing on the interwebs any time soon) because it's the same one we wanted if Silas had been a girl, but we do not have a boy's name and haven't really even talked about it. If you have any cool boys names that you want to share please do so in a comment (maybe not so much you MAMAY :P) - but don't get your feelings hurt if we don't choose it.

There are lots of other things that I want to share about pregnancy and postpartum and stuff that I just want to remember, but I've not yet decided the best way to go about doing that in such a public forum (but lets me honest - it's not the strangers reading this that I worry about - it's the people that I KNOW read it) so be patient with me as I try to figure it out. I want to be honest and open on here and I want to preserve memories for my family (this blog is the only way I am remembering what happened and when it happened during my pregnancy with Silas - thank goodness I wrote it down here!) but I struggle sometimes with what is too honest and what isn't. I guess in the end nothing is really too honest, but I want to be tasteful in my honesty. Does that even make sense? I am probably waaaaaaaay over-thinking this.

Also - that picture was taken with the self-timer this weekend while I was waiting for Justin to get dressed for our date. :)


  1. your such an adorable pregnant lady :)

    I have some friends that created an email account and they just send emails instead of blogging. This way they can attach pictures of videos and have something to share if they so choose. And it's in the form of letters written to their child. Might be an idea for you and a less public place to share thoughts

  2. you make me smile - you're such a cute little momma!

  3. Hey Honey! You look awesome!!! :)) I like Jude and Asher for a boy and I remember really liking your girl's name last time but I can't think what it was.
    Love to you guys! :)


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