Thursday, October 13, 2011

Boy or Girl??

Last week we had a special ultrasound and found out that Baby Moon is a GIRL!

I thought she was a girl from the very beginning.:)

We had our best friends over to take pictures of the "reveal" and share the special moment and then we let all of our family and friends know by posting on facebook. Easiest mass-announcement ever.:)

To answer all of the questions:
(when I am out and about I think I am just going to start bringing a tape recorder with me so I can press play and have it answer everything for me. People need some new small talk material!)

*Yes, we are excited.

*No, we aren't any more excited than we would have been if it was a boy.
(It is amazing to me how family, friends, and total strangers will express their deep desire for you to have a certain sex...especially if you already have one child.)

*Yes, we have a name but we are still deciding how to spell it. Once we make the final decision we will share.:) It's the same one we have always liked.

*I don't feel like this pregnancy is crazy-different than my first. I am not carrying any higher or lower despite what random people that I have never met try to convince me of in the grocery store. :) A few things are different, but not enough to write home about.

*I'm almost 20 weeks, which is half-way.:)

*For the most part, I feel fine. I do have sciatica issues, but it is generally manageable. I didn't (and don't) have morning sickness. Sometimes I am tired in the afternoons (but who isn't??). ;) When people ask me how I feel I usually just say "fine" or "great" because I don't feel like hearing every home remedy or piece of advice they feel the need to share. What is it with people feeling like they must share their advice with pregnant women? STOP DOING THAT! Unless we ask, we aren't interested in how you or your Aunt Gertrude did it.

*I don't have any weird cravings. I do crave things, but it's never anything that I don't normally enjoy. But when I do crave something, I want it RIGHT.NOW. :)

I guess that covers every pregnant woman's most FAQs.

I'm joining Emily for Embrace the Camera this week. Hope over and say hello and see if you want to join in the fun!


  1. congrats!!! and what a fun reveal. i love it.

  2. What a great idea. I love this. Adorable family photo. Congrats to you! I remember all of those pregnancy questions. I have 3 boys, youngest is six, and people still ask me if I plan to try for a girl! : )

  3. super super cute picture! and congrats! it seems every pregnant woman has the same issues with nosey people at the grocery store. heehee. :)

  4. love how you did the gender reveal! and yah for a little girl...i am hoping for one too...

  5. such a cute picture. and what a great idea. :)

    popped over from emily's!


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