Friday, April 27, 2012

Evie's Baptism

Last Sunday Evie was baptized.  Our church practices Covenantal Baptism which basically means we believe that the Old Testament practice of circumcising infants as an external sign of membership to God's people was replaced by baptism. It does not signify a statement of faith but rather a statement of identity.  Evie's baptism shows that she is part of the family of God and will be raised accordingly. Our pastor explains it this way: Just like a person who is not a believer may choose to believe and become part of the family of God, Evie will one day have to decide for herself if she wants to remain part of the family or break the covenant. She'll have to make her own statement of faith later, but for now she has been identified as a part of the family.

One of my favorite parts of Covenantal Baptism is that it isn't just about Justin and I promising to raise her as part of the body of Christ - it's also about the church promising to take an active part in raising her too.  It's an "it takes a village" thing, and we are thrilled to belong to a local body of believers that takes seriously their role.  :-)

We asked Zach to pray as part of the baptism (he did for Silas too) and one of the things he prayed was that  Evie never remember a time that she didn't know the Lord.  He didn't know this, but I've been praying the very same thing (verbatim) over both of my children since I first knew I was pregnant with each of them. That was special. 

Dave left, Zach middle.

We decided to have her baptized last weekend because my mom and DD were visiting and I wanted them to be there for it.  The Moons came too. Evie wore a little cotton dress that was my Dad's when he was a baby.  Silas was baptized in it too.

Four generations (but so no one is confused, DD is my Dad's mom)

Every Sunday as soon as the service ends, I run get Silas from the nursery and bring him to the front with me so he can watch the drums up close while the band is still playing.  He LOVES this and I do too.  Mom snapped a picture of us right after.  Cutie boy!

Mom and DD stayed until Thursday and Silas had a BLAST playing with them.  He had them doing all sorts of nonsense and it was hilarious. Here's one of the calmer moments of just looking at his Spiderman sticker book. :-)

On Wednesday it finally warmed up again and the crazy wind stopped blowing so we spent most of the day outside playing.  

Evie and Mamay (I've said from day one that Evie looks like her)

Instagram pic of my two loves.  Apparently Evie looks like a perfect little baby doll because everyone kept commenting the same thing!

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