Monday, August 20, 2012

1st day of school!

Silas is at his 1st day of preschool EVER right now. {Zion Baptist}

The past 24 hours have been absolutely CRAZY for my brain and for us.

We had his Open House yesterday and everything went smoothly as far as Open Houses go, except that there was a HUGE shock for us when we were reading the handbook and it said that 3 year old preschool was Monday - Thursday.  You see, when I went up to the school to tour it and met with the church secretary to get him registered, I was told it was Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Honestly I'm not sure we would have put him in it if we knew that it was 4 days a week, but it is what it is now and I am sure that he is going to be happy with it - I just was NOT prepared for that and spent the rest of the time there and the  evening trying not to spontaneously combust into a puddle of tears from being overwhelmed with it all.

We also found out that he is only allowed to wear athletic tennis style shoes (no other closed toe shoes are allowed) and since he didn't have any we had to spend 2 hours trying to find some that fit.  Shoot me.  That would have been nice to know a couple of weeks ago instead of less than 24 hours from when school started.

So, as you can tell, I'm a little irritated about it all.  But I am trying to get over it.

He has been very excited about going to school and I think he is going to love it.

In the car on the way there he started saying that he wanted us to stay with him so I was worried about him having a meltdown when it was time to leave, but he did great. We walked him in this morning and he took his little bag straight to his cubby and hung it up and then got his snack and went and put it in their snack cubbies.  There was a bubble machine blowing in his classroom so he immediately started jumping in those and we took a picture and hugged him and then he said bye to us and we left.  No tears from him!

I'm going to pick him up in 30 minutes and I can't wait to hear about all of his adventures!

Silas, Age 3

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