Monday, August 20, 2012

Evie {5 months}

 Evie girl is 5 months old!

She is 24 1/2 inches long (25th %) and weighs 12lbs 6oz (10th %).  Apparently she is tiny (as EVERYONE insists on telling me) but she is healthy and happy and beautiful. :)

At 5 months she is:
*eating rice cereal like a champ and getting reading to make the switch to oatmeal cereal
*taking a morning nap (if we are at home) for an hour or so and a lunchtime/afternoon nap for about 2-3 hours
*loving her Johnny Jumper
*feeding herself a bottle when someone else feeds her
*turning in circles on her tummy to get to toys
*starting to inch forward to get to toys
*laughing a lot (especially at Silas)
*ticklish on the bottom of her feet (and that's about the only place)

There's probably a ton of things that I am forgetting (I'm certain there are) but Silas started preschool today (!!!) and my brain is a bit mushy.

Here's her 5 month picture and then a recap of the last 4 months. :-)


  1. People say she's tiny because it's adorable and because they've been looking at my kid for awhile and are shocked that babies come in regular sizes!! Happy 5 months bubbles!

  2. how adorable! That 4 month one made me laugh...she looks like a Kewpie doll! :)


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