Sunday, April 12, 2015

Perkinson Adoption Auction

The Perkinson family will journey to China soon to bring home Esther. Esther is a special needs 4 year old who was abandoned at birth.  They are holding an online auction as a fundraiser to help the get to her. This is a fun way to shop, and there is a Moonpie Designs item up for grabs! You can find the auction on their   Facebook page: Perkinson Adoption Happenings Please like the page for auction details. 
Auction starts April 15 and runs to the 21st and will be at  

You can follow their story on the blog: 

Give them a follow.  This C.S. Lewis quote, "Courage, dear heart" banner in black, white, and metallic gold is one of the items being offered.  Below are some of the others items available for bidding.

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