Sunday, September 16, 2007


I'm constantly discovering (or re-discovering) new things about myself. One of the things that I REdiscovered today is that organization really really does it for me. After our bi-monthly grocery shopping trip to Kroger, I decided to reorganize our cupboard and freezer. I also put everything where it belongs and chopped up and froze all of the veggies (red, green, and yellow peppers, vidalia onions, and celery). I also individually froze all of the chicken (18 breasts!) using Glad Press and Seal. Those of you who know me know this is a very rare thing! I am very proud of myself and feel like I accomplished something major. If you are not impressed by the pictures, don't tell me!

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  1. O my goodness . . . she's turning into Suzie Homemaker. . .who'd a thunk it?!?!?

    Do you hire out? I'll pay for your gas if you'll come do this for me!!!! kisses, mom


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