Sunday, September 2, 2007

Louisiana Trip

OK -- as you can see there has been no improvement on the cuteness of this blog thus far. BUT - thanks to my wonderful and super talented friend, Zach, that will change in the very near future. In the meantime though, I will continue to post and you and I will just have to deal with the blandness and look forward to the facelift.=)

Justin and I are at my parent's house on the lake in Louisiana for the Labor Day weekend. We are buying my dad's truck and spending some time with them. We are also celebrating my 24th birthday (which isn't until NEXT Saturday, but I won't be with them then so we are celebrating now). I love birthdays! They are wonderful!

As far as MoonPie Designs goes, I have a show set for the beginning of October that is keeping me very busy and, I must admit, a little stressed. My inventory was pretty much wiped out after my last trip to Louisiana in July (thanks to my wonderful family who loves everything that I do!) so I am having to work extra hard to build it back up. I'm also adding several new goodies so that is exciting (and again, stressful!). I'll have pictures up of some stuff soon (also thanks to Zach).

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