Thursday, August 28, 2008

Give me Your Eyes

You know that whole World Mission Team Leader thing I mentioned? This is my prayer for the people of Christ Community Church - that we would bring our hearts so that we can see God's and that He would give us His eyes to see what He sees.

Dave (our pastor) sent out this video link yesterday and the timing was perfect - it is my prayer for us. I had never heard of Brandon Heath or this song before, but you can bet I'll keep my ears open for more of his stuff. :)

Leave a comment and tell me what you think of the video. What kind of thoughts does it provoke?

Also, if you want to hear an amazing sermon on The Blessed Life, go here.


  1. OMG - love that! I'll be twins with you any day, I can always use an extra twin. :)

    i want to help with your new ministry/committee. chad and i give to world vision each month, we adopted a child through them about 4 years ago. her name is shito kumbi. let's chat about this (and many other options) when we hang out next week. how abt wednesday?

  2. Steph . . . i loved the video and it made me think that maybe He does share his eyes with us and maybe we just miss it . . . i'm thinking every time i get that angel nudge about a hug, a touch, a call, a ride, a note, a service, a simple word . . . and i could go on and on . . . and i don't follow through . . . shame on me . . . BUT when i do, wow, what a growth blessing that moment is . . .

    i think that's when we really get a taste of Him . . . when we see like He sees

    my prayer is always to discern, to pay attention, and then to trust what he's showing me . . . why is that so hard?

    I miss you so much. I'm so proud of you. Momma


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