Friday, August 8, 2008

La Dee Da

So yeah. Two weeks. That's a long time. Too long, in fact. I apologize to all twenty of you who actually stop by on a regular basis. And I would just like to say Hi to my lurker from Mableton, GA that stops by numerous times a day and stays for quite a while each time. I have no idea who you are and to be honest I am really hoping that you are a friend and I just don't realize it. Because if not, I'm tempted to think you might be a stalker. And that's a little creepy. Ok, really creepy. Not that anyone would ever have any reason to stalk me, but still. It's creepy.
So how bout you leave me a little ol' comment and clear that up for me. Thanks.

And YES, I keep a close eye on who visits everyday. Hey y'all!

So anyway - there's been a good bit going on the past two weeks. I'll be back later today or tomorrow to fill you in on that.

Right now I have three orders to fill, an adorable little girl to play with, and I am working on a new face for the blog. I think it's time.

Oh yeah, and my 1 year bloggy anniversary is coming up this month so I'm coming up with something special to celebrate. Stay tuned!

P.S. If any of you happen to have extra money laying around and want to bless us with a new digital camera (since ours has gone absolutely caput and blogs are pretty darn boring without pictures) and/or an island range hood that'd be great. I'm just sayin is all.


  1. If you get more money than you need for your camera...mine is on the blink too! I mean I am just saying...share the wealth right? haha

    I know we haven't met (P.S. I am not the Mableton stalker) but I do love the blog! Keep them coming!


  2. not the mableton stalker:) i am a friend of Mary Baliki and got here from a link on her page to your adorable baby gifts!

    i need a new camera too!!!! i'm hoping for a Cannon ... xti :)



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