Monday, August 25, 2008

Random Updates

Hi all.

Here's a brief rundown of what's been going on with the Moon family over the past 3 or so weeks:

*Justin threw his back out. Apparently he has a bulging disc in his extreme lower back. This put him on the floor for several days. Literally - the man was on.the.floor unable to do much of anything. Getting to the bathroom was at least a 10 minute ordeal and it's only about 10-12 feet from the living room. I was pretty scared. I'd never seen him like that and I didn't like it. He spent his 28th birthday laying on the floor. Thankfully, our wonderful friends came over later that weekend and surrounded him on the floor for a make-shift birthday celebration. He's much better now, but still having to be super careful about how he moves and still wearing the brace a good bit.

*We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary this past Thursday. Justin was sick. He had a terrible cold and couldn't breath through his nose. His throat was also super sore and his voice sounded like he had sandpaper for vocal chords. It made my throat hurt just listening to him. But he took me out to eat anyway, and we got dressed up and went to one of our favorite places in Atlanta - Rock Bottom. Let me say now that it is not a dress-up place, but I didn't care because I wore the dress I bought while we were at the beach and still hadn't worn it yet - so I was determined to wear it no matter what. Justin was pretty miserable all night, but he did enjoy about 1/2 of his fish tacos so he was happy. I very much enjoyed my BBQ chicken pizza, and we took leftovers home and shared them on Friday. So yummy.

@ Rock Bottom

*The house is still coming along. Justin and his Uncle Buddy installed our new sliding glass patio door on Saturday. It looks fabulous. The kitchen cabinets are finished. The living room, kitchen, and bathroom walls are painted. The bathroom vanity is painted and the hardware is on, but we still have to decide what to do about the countertop. I'm not sure I want to tile so we just have to decide. We bought two new sinks and two faucets that are ready to install as soon as we figure out the countertop. Mary's husband, Chad, works at a flooring place and he's coming this afternoon to measure for our new flooring in the kitchen and dining room. Hopefully that will be installed this week. So - we still have several things to do, but we are so close to being done! Yay!

*I'm the new team leader for the new Global Outreach Team (aka Team World and World Mission Team) at Christ Community Church. So.super.excited. More on that soon.

That's all I've got night now folks. Time to put Bella down for a nap.


P.S. I should have a new camera soon. Yay! So maybe then my posts won't be so dreadfully boring.

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  1. PS I might have a new camera soon..... Don't count your chickens before they hatch...LOL Dad


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