Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bump Watch 22 Weeks

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Here it is - The Belly at 22 weeks.  Would you believe me if I told you that in the past four days since these pictures were taken it has grown?  Well, it has - enough so that where on Sunday I could breath normally, now I suddenly feel like there's an elephant sitting on my chest.  OK, maybe not an elephant, but a small person at least.  Baby Moon is doing more than just wiggling now - it feels like there's a jungle gym full of monkeys in there!  Justin feels it all the time now and if you watch my stomach you can see it moving.  It's a very strange feeling - especially when it kicks right behind my belly button.  I keep waiting to see my belly button popping in and out when it kicks there. :)  I'm feeling pretty good overall - I have bursts of energy and then I crash but for the most part I'm still feeling kinda tired all the time.  But at least I'm not sick!  The back pain on the lower left side is still hanging around so I'm just dealing with it.  My doctor asked me if I wanted a prescription to help with it, but I don't want to take anything unless I have to - if it gets to where I can't walk I'll ask for something.  Until then I'll settle for lots of long soaks in the tub. :)

I'm getting really excited about my Baby Showers that are coming up in April - it's finally MY
TURN!! Yay!

We still haven't done anything to the nursery but throw the furniture in there, but I did order a fabric swatch for some bedding I think I like so hopefully we can get started on that soon.  Here's the bedding if you want to see.

That's about it on the pregnancy update.  I'll probably think of 20 more things later, but for now
 that's all I've got for ya.

In the mountains of North Carolina, overlooking Lake Glenville

Again, a very windy Lake Glenville

Last weekend was my friend Krista's Bachelorette Weekend (the wedding is in 2 weeks!) so we went up to Someplace, NC (I think it's between Highlands and Cashiers) and stayed at the Beech's lake house.  I wish I could describe how beautiful it is there, but I could never do it justice.  Jeff and Greta are quite possibly the most generous people ever, and on occasion they let us hang out at their place.  It's a huge three story house that could probably sleep 20+ people and it's right on Lake Glenville.  Gorgeous.  

We had a blast playing games and watching Krista open her lingerie and stuff.  I'm pretty sure
 the gifts that Leslie, Bailey, and I got her won't be forgotten anytime soon. :)

The Bachelorette

All the girls at Horacio's - a very yummy and intimate Italian Restaurant in Cashiers, NC.  If you are ever in the area you should totally check it out - but BEWARE of Horacio (the owner).  He just might feel you up if you aren't careful.  Seriously - watch yourself. :)
*EDITED*  This was supposed to be a picture of ALL the girls - but blogger is being weird again (or I'm just an idiot) and I can't make the picture any smaller so it's cutting off some people.  Sorry!

Me, Bailey, and Leslie.  The best part about this picture was watching Leslie try to get the camera set up to take it - at one point she was laying flat on a little table trying to make sure we would be relatively centered.  Good job Les!


  1. Looking good, Stephanie! Isn't it excited to feel the baby kick! Being a first time mom like you it is a wonderful experience! Have a wonderful day! XOXO

    Love, Melissa H.

  2. YAY!! Love the post!! See you tomorrow! <3


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