Wednesday, March 11, 2009

GIVEAWAY! Calling all Mommys (and Daddys)

I need your help!  Justin and I are going this weekend to finish up our Baby Registry's and I want to make sure that we don't leave anything out.  We've got all the basics down plus the stuff BabiesRUs and Wal-Mart tells you is a "must." Here's what I need from you - tell me about the stuff you just couldn't live without - especially if it was a random gift or was recommended by someone else and we wouldn't normally register for it.  It can be for baby, or mom, or dad.

If you leave me a comment with a suggestion, you'll be entered into the giveaway.  You can choose your prize from this list:
*Personalized Bib and Burpie Set
*4 custom Potholders (or "hotpad holders")
*Personalized Custom Adult Apron (this is great for guys too!)

If you tell your friends to come and share their can't-live-without baby items, and they tell me you sent them, you'll get a second entry.

If you BLOG this giveaway and the specifics of what I need and come back and tell me, you'll get a third entry.

You have until Saturday, March 14th at 8pm to get your suggestions in so hop to it peeps!!

Don't forget to leave your email address in your comment or make sure there is a way for me to contact you if you win. :)


  1. We got a teddy bear that played sounds from the womb as a shower gift. I had never seen them before, but Micah LOVED it!

    What not to get is the annoying bunny that talks and sings. You'll know it when you see it!!

  2. I'm not a mmmy (yet) but I am an aunt to many and so far the "Bumbo" seems to be very popular. It's great for when the baby is able to sit up, or just about. It supports them and teaches them to sit up faster. It is also great for when mommy needs to take a shower, you can bring the bumbo into the bathroom and they can sit on the floor without rolling or crawling away.

  3. I'd say there's A LOT you can live without, even if those stores tell you that you need certain things (ie. wipe warmer). We certainly used a good bit of Mylicon gas drops (Simethicone) in the first two months, but we bought it from the Costco pharmacy for much, much less than at Walmart. If the baby is crying and has tummy aches, you can't overdose on that stuff. Hmmmm, what else... We still use a backpack for Izzy, but it's not useful till the baby is 6+ months. One more thing, Izzy loves the Baby Einstein Mozart and Old MacDonald DVDs. We don't let her watch them everyday, but she get so excited when we do put one on!

  4. What a great idea, Steph!!
    The Diaper Champ is my all-time favorite shower gift. Easy, practical and the perfect price.
    I also loved my Boppy and Kiddopotamus car seat cushion oh and my Chicco stroller, similar to the Maclaren but affordable.
    Good luck! :)

  5. Here are a few we couldn't live without:
    Adiri Bottles:
    Ergo Baby Carrier
    Swaddle Me Baby Wraps
    And a baby swing!

  6. I have been thinking about this one for a few minutes. Here are my top 5!
    1. boppy w/ a removable cover so that you can pull it off and wash it.
    2. at least 2 sets of crib never know when something might erupt and you need a quick change
    3. stuffed animal blanket- you know the little blankets with a head- Braden loves his bear blanket
    4. be picky about your stroller- lightweight, yet big enough for you to store your diaper bag, purse, and shopping bags when you go to the mall (I wish I had gotten a differnt stroller)
    5. bouncer/papasan vibrator seat- soothing sounds, light vibration- we had the Eddie Bauer model and it was great to put Braden in when I needed a few mins. to unload the dishwasher, take a shower, etc.

  7.'s on my blog! I hope you gets lots of good ideas! My email is

  8. One of the main things I loved with Carter (didn't have one for CHloe) was my sling. I preferred the ones from but I have also heard the peanut shell is great too. Carter loved the sling up until he was too big for me to carry on my hip and not be exhausted. You could probably make your own if you had one to go by since you sew.

    2. MYLICON drops....invest in a ton of those!

    3. lots and lots of onesies. I don't know if you are bfing or not but their poo is runnier if you do and we went through lots of onesies when the diapers would leak.

    4. vibrating seat...this is a must if you ever want to brush your teeth, take a shower, go to the bathroom, get the picture?

    5. a GOOD carseat. I prefer Britax. I've done a lot of research on carseats and a good carseat w/proper installation is EXTREMELY important. (my friends pick on my b/c I'm a carseat freak)

    6. both my kids LOVED the swing

  9. How fun! I don't think I've ever visited your Etsy shop, but I'm on my way now!! What cute stuff you have!!

  10. I along with everyone else will sing the praises of the Boppy and gas drops.

    An infant carrier is important also. Some prefer slings whille others traditional ones. i had two, one that was a traditional front one but also a back one that I could set on the floor like a chair because it had stand feet. It was a lifesaver when I was PG but still carrying around a baby.

    If your child takes a pacifier, a couple good quality pacifier clips are very important.

    A multi purpose mobile (like one that has music along with movement and can be used in stages.

    The light and sound soothers that clip on the crib are wonderful too.

    Oh and I used a bassinette the first few months so baby could sleep bedside so I could feed during the night easier. ALso it is easier to port around for napping while at friends and family houses.


  11. My number one must-have with my first was the Boppy brand Velcro swaddle blanket from Target in the small size. They run smaller than the Kiddopatumus swaddles so they fit tiny newborns better - keeps their arms from escaping. I also made a list on Amazon of a few other things.

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! What a cute little pregnant mommy to be you are! Let me see, baby suggestions...I will agree on Mylicon, such a life saver. I reccommend a take-a-long swing! Both my daughters loved the baby swing, so much that it was a common napping place for both. The portable take-a-long kind fold up so that you can take them with you when visit family and friends, such a lifesaver. And invest in a stoller that is functional. Make sure the basket is easily accessible to load in all your necessities. Oh and one last thing, the shopping cart covers are great for when they are a bit older, work for both shopping carts and public highchairs. I think thats about it!

  13. Your stuff is adorable!

    Okay, you need to have a swing for sure. Lots of burp cloths, and onesies.

    A sling or Bjorn is very very important as well.

    Binki's (advent brand)

    If I think of more, I'll let you know!!!

  14. oh whoops,

  15. Thanks for stopping by and giving me the head's up about your contest! Okay, one of the best presents we got was an Exergen temporal scan thermometer. I LOVE IT! The cheapest place I've found it is Wal-Mart--it's about thirty bucks and worth every penny.(

  16. I know you know that our Swaddle Me is one of the most important items in this household.
    However, my most favorite shower gift was the Video Monitor. I thought at first it might be a little extravagent but found it to be a must with the kids upstairs. I think everyone sleeps better, even the kids since you don't jump up every time you hear them make a noise. Have fun finishing up your registry.


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