Saturday, December 26, 2009

Festitivies Part 1

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays y'all. :)

We are in Louisiana with my family and are enjoying every moment of celebration (but missing friends greatly). There has been lots of pj-wearing, movie watching, and eating going on around here. This post will have multiple parts, but here are a few pictures from the last week or so.

At Christ Community Church's annual Christmas party

Me and Sarah before the CCC Ladies' Christmas party at Season's Bistro

Doug, Daddy, Me, Silas, Justin, and Momma at the Moss Family Christmas Eve

There will be a whole nother post on that. :)

Sweet naked boy.

Lovin' on Daddy - this one will be framed.

Lovin' on Mommy - this one too. :)

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  1. SUPER CUTE!! Silas's hand under Justin's chin was about the cutest thing ever!

    FYI we look super hot in our picture!


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