Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's Eve

We spent New Year's Eve with the gang over at the Cardoza's like we always do, and as usual, great fun was had by all. I had been looking forward to this night for months because we always have a blast playing games and whatnot, and I was not disappointed. This year we played The Newlywed Game. It's just like the TV show. The husbands would ask the wives a question (and vice versa) from the book, the wives would answer it truthfully, and then the guys would try to answer it the same way. That make sense? It was hilarious and revealing and I don't recommend that you play it with people that you don't know well and love -- or -- with your parents. Just sayin'.

These are some pictures from the game - I love pictures of people laughing and having a good time!

My husband provided us with the funniest part of the whole night. The question to the women was along the lines of, "What would your husband say is the one part of his body that doesn't fit with the rest?" I answered "ankles" as you can see in the picture above. I won't tell you what Justin answered, but it is NOT what you are thinking right now. Get your head out of the gutter! BUT - from now on we can say one word to any of the people there that night and it will get a laugh. It was totally random, out of character, and HILARIOUS!
**Edited to add: Apparently I look like a hyena when I laugh. Who knew?!**
It took me a while to recover.

Him too. :)

Ok - this next set is from a question that the girl's asked the guys. Of course, we all (husbands AND wives) compared our answers before we let the spouses answer, and this next picture is of the guys being very amused at all of their answers.
They are out of control. :)

Here's all of their answers: (L to R) Too hard, It's empty when she goes to bed, Too hard, Too big, and Too small

The question was, "What is your wife's complaint about the bed you are currently sleeping in?"

Yeah. They thought it was hilarious.

After the game and ringing in the new year we went outside and played with some fireworks. Justin busted out with some moves while holding a roman candle. Zach took this picture and I just think it is so cool!

Did you do anything fun for New Year's Eve?


  1. oh zach and I just laughed again looking at the pictures. NIPPLES! hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

  2. 1. You are soooo pretty and that blue shirt is stunning.

    2. That last pic of your hubby is hilarious... looks like he's doing some sort of interpretive dance. ;) jk.

  3. pictures of people laughing are so great. Justin looks like a ninja wizard :)

  4. Hilarious, where did you get the Newly Wed game?

  5. Some friends got it for Christmas, and I don't know where theirs came form, but I know you can get it off Amazon.

  6. Steph! I love love LOVE watching you laugh! Definitely one of my favorite sounds next to your singing! Looks like you guys had an awesome New Years! The Young Adults at our church hosted a "Beauties vs. Beaus" and I can proudly say the "Beaus" triumphed!! Since I'm not a big "resolution maker" part of my commitment this year is to be more consistent with blogging. Oh! (you will SO appreciate this!) I got an honorable mention on Beth Moore's blog!!! There's the link...look at Wednesday's Top Ten, I'm number 8!! Love you guys so much!


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