Monday, April 11, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

There are more Uganda posts on the way. I promise. Thank you for your patience with me as I sort through emotions and try to find words.

I'm reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp right now. I started reading it on the plane to Africa and I'm still reading it in my free moments. It's good and I don't want to rush through it. Her language is very poetical and so I am going slow so as not to miss any deep truth.

The book is about many things, mostly the deep joy that comes from intentionally giving thanks, and like many others who have read the book, I am making my own list of things I am grateful for - both big and little.

On Mondays I will be sharing my list and linking up to her blog and a community of other bloggers who are listing their thanks. Care to join us?

I'm behind on linking up so my list is longer than most today.

1. airplanes that defy gravity and get you safely across the world
2. a little boy happy to see his Momma
3. teammates that feel like family
4. the warm embrace of a husband in love
5. drinkable water
6. hot baths that revive the bones
7. a yard filled with birds of all sorts
8. sunshine
9. conversations worth having
10. a warm rice sock on an aching back
11. a cozy and comfy bed
12. a tiny baby growing in the belly of a dear friend
13. the Sabbath
14. music that speaks to the soul
15. groggy morning kisses from a pajama-clad little boy
16. the Word made flesh
17. Galatians
18. hot tamales found stashed in the freezer ready to be thawed for dinner
19. surprise bags of coffee and hot chocolate left by my Momma
20. facebook and the connection to loved ones far away
21. Silas' mohawk hair
22. happy little tags on Lusianne teabags
23. chipmunks
24. coffee, sweet and creamy
25. the scent of Justin beside me in the sleep stillness of morning
26. a birdbath full of splashing bluebirds
27. the gift of a little extra income via Moonpie Designs - even when I'm feeling lazy
28. plane tickets to Louisiana purchased by loving parents
29. my naked-bottomed little boy
30. hearing the voices of far-off friends on a conference call
31. days full of togetherness with my boys
32. dreams growing inside my heart
33. a roof over Sarah's head and food in her belly - even if it's just beans and posho
34. Ugandan meals shared stateside with friends and family


  1. Hello. I'm visiting from Ann's. Nice to "meet" you. What a journey you are on! I love the photos of your time in Africa. Amazing. Some of us can only wish...
    It's great that you can DO.
    Blessings to you.

  2. Welcome to the community! It is so wonderful to read all these lists of gifts... and meet the hearts behind them. :) The embrace of a husband in love... aww! Mohawk hair... too cute! I can not wait to see some bluebirds around here. The sparrows try to scare them off! Looking forward to hearing about your travels!


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