Monday, June 13, 2011

Swim Lessons & One Thousand Gifts

We spent the entire last week in the pool. Silas had swim lessons in the mornings and then a couple afternoons we went to a friends pool. It was a blast! I so enjoyed watching him LEARN and then get more and more brave. Now he will get things off of the bottom of the pool and he can kick and swim to the side and hold on to the wall. He is also getting better at floating on his back. It's so fun to just watch him play. His imagination is taking off and he has little conversations with his toys. I love to watch him figure things out - he just works and works at it until he gets it. :)

Swimming to Miss Jocelyn - one of his coaches
jumping off the diving board - which he wasn't thrilled about but didn't cry and actually did really well. :)
bracing for impact ;)
swimming to the side after jumping in
choo-chooing on the wall - one of the things they teach the kids is how to swim to the wall and hold on to the side and "choo-choo" to a ladder or steps so they can get out if they ever fall in the pool alone. They also work hard at teaching them how to float on their backs.

Continuing my list:

122. fresh veggies on the stove
123. new friends over for dinner
124. decadent chocolate cake with poured chocolate icing
125. how I can SEE the temperature difference when I pour hot, freshly made, sweet tea over ice - I can get lost in the swirls
126. new swimsuits
127. the smell of a freshly mown lawn
128. my Champion God
129. our home
130. that just a hint of sunlight turns Silas' skin tan - and his little white booty :)
131. treasure hunting with my bestie
132. watching Silas discover new things
133. Little Man's developing imagination
134. a God who can be trusted to be as good as He says He is
135. words of encouragement
136. how dreams refuse to die
137. new pictures of my sweet Sarah and Nusula
138. that I am not in control

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Wonderful list. Nothing like fresh veggies! Love the smell of a fresh cut lawn. Treasure hunting sounds like fun!


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