Monday, March 3, 2008

The latest creations

So my bloggy friend Erin (can I call you friend?) over at The Vintage Pearl ordered some Mini Me Aprons from me awhile ago. It has taken me FOREVER to finish that order (sickness on top of sickness on top of full time job) but the aprons are finally done and ready to be shipped! Here they are:

I'm pleased with them. I had the hardest time deciding what to do for Caleb's but hopefully he will love his soccer apron - especially since he just had his first game of the season!

Now I'm sure y'all have already been over to Erin's blog today, but if you haven't you should go right now and check it out and then hop yourself right on over to her etsy and/or ebay shops and buy yourself a little treat. Well go already!!=)


  1. these aprons are soooo cute! you do a fabulous job :)

  2. Okay why am I just now seeing this? Thanks for the love and for the adorabel aprons, I can't wait til they arrive!!!!


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