Thursday, February 28, 2008

Whatcha think?

This has been my project this week - between finishing up orders and cursing the cold weather. It is going to make its home on my studio wall but, I can't decided if it needs something else or if it is perfect the way it is. And, if it does need something else, what is that something?

I need your help. Leave me a comment with your opinions/suggestions please!

Nothing has been glued down yet so make as many changes as you like!

I think I am going to hang them side by side instead of top and bottom but when I tried to take a picture like that it was just really small.


  1. You made those??? What are they made of? I love them!!!!

    I like them just as they are but I would also hang them just as they are are with one over the other.

    Very cool!

  2. Looks good to me just as they are. I agree with Erin hang them as they are in picture...Daddy

  3. so cute! you could hang them with ribbon. that would be cute!

  4. you should add this kind of thing to all the things you sell.
    i have a ton of friends who bought stuff like this for their babies nurserys. some with the kids names, some with other words on them.
    i think theyd sell great.

    and they look wonderful by the way!

    kristin cox

  5. WOW!!! TOO CUTE!!!!!! I'm sure you have figured out what to do with them by now...but, I think they are great just like they are...
    Sewing is not my thing but painting...I LOVE!!!!
    I just started a new blog for my painting creations... I have been thinking of selling on Etsy..


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