Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Field Trip

Gracie's class had a field trip yesterday to The World of Coca-Cola and The Varsity and I got to go with her. We had a great time! We rode up there with two other girls in her class and their moms (grandma). I was in the back with the girls so I had to try really hard to hear the adult conversations taking place in the front seat. The three 6 year olds in the back with me were loud and throughout the course of the trip to Atlanta and back these are some snippits of what I overheard while trying to hold conversations of my own with the grown ups...

Grace: Mrs. Stephanie has a pool and a creek and a pond and rocks and stairs and a playground at her house.
Kid 1: Mrs. Stephanie... I'm coming to stay with you ok?
Kid 2: Me too! Me too! Me too! ME TOOOOOOOOO!
Me: Huh? Sure babes. Come on.

a few minutes later

Grace: Mrs. Stephanie sings in a band.
Kid 1: Really? Sing something Mrs. Stephanie!
Kid 2: Yeah sing something! Sing something! SIIIING SOOOOOOOOOOOOMETHING!
Me: What? Oh yeah - I am in a band.
Grace: Will you sing the bear song? Do it in your absolute best singing voice. I mean, please do it in your best singing voice Mrs. Stephanie.
Me: (praying that the ladies in the front seat are oblivious to what's going on in the back) sings:
"Bears, bears, they got no cares
Bears don't drink from a cup
Sharp teeth and claws and furry paws
To catch you and eat you up.
No grizzly bears don't wear underwear
Sock nor jammies nor gloves!
No baby bears don't wear diapers
No Pampers, no Huggies, No Luvs!"
Grace: That wasn't it.
Me: That soooo WAS it -- that was the bear song and that was my absolute best voice.
Grace: No it wasn't. Use the voice you use when you sing with the man on the cd.
Me: {thinking...thinking...lightbulb! She wants me to sing the harmony part!} so I sing it all again but this time I sing the harmony instead of the melody and Grace is all smiles and then there was endless applause and a standing ovation. Ok not really. But there was applause.
Grace: {looks at Kid #1 all I-told-you-so-ish} I TOLD YOU she could sing.

a few more minutes later when the car is completely quiet...

Grace: Mrs. Stephanie can shoot tears out of her eyes.
Front and back seats: HAHAHAHAHA!
Me: Oh good grief Grace! How do you even KNOW that?
Grace: 'Cause you showed me while you were sitting on the picnic table at that lady's house who has the dog named Georgia (Lori's house)
Front seat: Don't worry. Kid #1 does that to me ALL the time.

and yet a few more minutes later while we are completely lost in downtown Atlanta trying to find the interstate... (mind you, I wasn't driving)

Kids: Let's make up songs!
Kid #1: Grace, make up a song about Mrs. Stephanie!
Grace: in her most country accent "Oh Mrs. Stephanie is sittin' on the couch with her hairy armpits....."
Me: Grace Ansley! That was ONE time and it was winter and that was supposed to be our secret you little stinker!!

Oh the things I deal with everyday! I can only imagine that it's a million times worse when they are your own kids! Apparently the other moms saw all of Grace's crazy antics as a sure sign that she is attached to me. At least that's what they told me! So I guess this is a good thing. =)

And just so you know, I am totally blaming The World of Coke for the hyperness of these kids on the way home. They let you taste 64 different coke products as many times as you want and most of them have caffeine. Yeah.

Enjoy a couple of pics from our day:

This is the lobby of The World of Coke. They have these bottles all over the whole place and they were made and decorated by people in different countries. My favorite is the one with the bright stripes at the top - it's from South Africa and is made entirely of seed beads!

The girls in Grace's class. Kid #1 and #2 are on the right, respectively.=)

The rest of the pictures from the Coke place are on another camera that happens to belong to Grace's parents. I'll have to get those and post them later.

Grace at The Varsity - she ate two whole cheese burgers!

The only picture of the two of us from the whole day.=(

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  1. You are going to be a bee-u-tee-full, fun, cool and involved momma some day!! Your blog brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart! I have so missed seeing you!
    Love you girl!! Lori J


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